Encounter Party: The Corpse Dungeon
May 31, 2024 4:47 PM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

The party is sent on a suspiciously simple job to find a sword within the corpse of a long forgotten titan. The web of lies begins to show as team leader Vyrnon seems only interested in Flik's survival.
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First episode that is mostly combat, so not a lot to say about character dynamics & story, as it was mostly rolling and slashing and spiders.

But boy did those spiders phasing in & out keep me on edge. When Ulavina went down after taking 19 frickin' points of poison damage, I was like "Dude, these spiders are too hard!!" And then when Mama Spider came in, and others kept dropping in, I thought Brian was just trying to kill everyone.

Finally got to see Tolo in some real action with the dreaded "Reverse Butter Churn." The 3 combat oriented characters are all pretty tough, actually -- Vinh's Battle-Mastery/Sentinel abilities with that polearm are just torture for Brian -- although Dryddian has been holding back, I think...

Vinh discovering the corpse of his father -- oof! That was a big moment. Poor Vinh! And props to Brian for working in some really powerful character moments for the players to deal with.

At the end, when the beholder rose as undead, I could not believe it. Seriously, a party of 4th level characters, against an undead beholder? That's gonna be rough...
posted by Saxon Kane at 3:00 PM on June 1

After many rolls and hearing about Flik's degradation, David & me: "What is going on??"

Every blow and spell cast comes with so much flavor, I love it. The reverse butter churn! Combat can be a little tedious on some actual plays, but it's fun on this show -- and, as you point out, there are still character moments to be had. And I'm so glad there are multiple characters in the party with healing abilities!

And oh man, the beholder. Eep!
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Man these spiders kicked our butts but I loved getting to play on this map!
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ned: don't know if you saw this comment on the last post, but I'll repost it here

re: the skeleton map:

I was thinking more about the skeleton set, which while cool, is also so specific that it is kinda impossible to use again, unless you happen to role-play in a world with a bunch of dead giant corpses lying around. So it got me thinking: it's kind of a waste to build something so cool and then have almost no use for it except as a display item, so for Season 2, the producers should try to work out some cross-promotion deal with Is It Cake? and have them make edible D&D minis. And not just the landscapes -- characters too! How satisfying would it be to kill some monster with a nat 20, then chomp down on it for realsies?
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