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A woman starts dating again at 60 after her marriage falls apart. We follow her into a world of millionaire import/export moguls and fifteen-year old internet scammers.
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Okay so I realize it was part of the advertisement, but the part with PJ's mom telling him to go bring Alex the baby booties she made just cracked me up. And actually the MailChimp spot was great too.
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Halfway through this one (I have a short commute). I haven't listened to this podcast before, though I listen to "Startup," so I was interested. I'm not really a fan of the host (there are two, and one is out, from the last Startup episode I caught up on, I think). His delivery is really flat, and he's kind of mumbly in his speech patterns.

I hope the episode gets better, because the first half sounds like a Dateline story from 1998. Did you know people on dating sites might be con men?
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Xingcat, I think if you listen to more Reply All you'll like it. They also started out on WNYC's TLDR (which is still running, hosted by Meredith Haggerty).

PJ, the host of this ep, is a little quirky but I think he's charming. It's best when both hosts are on, they have a great rapport. Alex, the other host, is on paternity leave. He's also a MeFite and pops into FanFare every once in a while.
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I was dreading this one, as I'm trying to psych myself back into internet dating and feared it would put me off it even more. But I found the whole thing surprisingly sweet - and fascinating. I love stories on con artists, and there's a killer movie in here somewhere.
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It made me think there was a real market for virtual boyfriends.
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