Encounter Party: Lovers in Linen
June 27, 2024 8:09 PM - Season 1, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Laura, a young romantic, secrets away to the arms of a masked vigilante; when her father's lapdog, Captain Boarface, roots her out, it's up to The Velveteen Mask to defend the honor of love and justice.
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This and the next episode are two of my favorites for how creative they are. I'd never thought you could incorporate the characters performing a play (or, spoiler for next ep, eating dinner) into something like D&D. So cool and inspiring for gaming ideas.

On-Stage Performers: Everyone did a great job "performing" as their characters would -- love the commitment. First time I saw this, I was genuinely worried that Vinh might die from getting Donkey Konged.

Backstage Drama: I gotta be honest, there's a part of me that wishes the party had just abandoned everything to do with The Future and all that and just focused on THE VELVETEEN MASK! and his good friend Timothee the Octopus. I love Timothee. I want Timothee to be my best friend too. I would totally save him from the Aquarium, especially if I could hear him talk in the voice Brian used. I'm so happy Dryddian used peaceful means to defuse the situation. Nice de-escalation buddy.

Ned's reaction was truly classic:

Brian: "There's also... a giant octopus!"
Ned: "WHY?!?!? WHY BRIAN?!?!"

Seriously though, I really would love to know if Brian had stuff planned in reserve if the party decided to go investigate the Aquarium and hunt down THE VELVETEEN MASK, or if he was just like, ah heck, let's throw in something ridiculous for the fun of it. Also, did we ever find out how Timothee escaped? Did he follow THE VELVETEEN MASK on the rope from nowhere?

Final favorite moment: Landree describing how Asher's bag swallows the costume and prop sword. She was having so much fun and she was just the biggest nerdiest goof in the best way and it was so awesome and adorable, I was cracking up just at the tone of her voice and silly smile on her face. What a fun group to game with!
posted by Saxon Kane at 8:18 PM on June 27 [1 favorite]

I absolutely loved the play in all its ridiculousness. Vinh dragging Asher and Tolo into speaking roles with him! The script with its coffee analogies and kissy noises! The real VELVETEEN MASK *insert dramatic red lighting* showing up! (Poor Vinh getting pummeled...) And yes, Timothee the Octopus and his voice and friendships!

Given all the people they knew in the audience, I also wonder if it could affect future interactions? They certainly seem to have gotten themselves into some legal trouble, although not too seriously.

I was more affected by Almori than I expected. I'm not surprised by how much he's warmed to Ulavina and has such high expectations of her.
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This was the last thing we filmed on the first week of filming. We were all *delirious* and I think it shows :P BRIAN WROTE A SCRIPT. This whole thing was truly wild.
posted by neddonovan at 6:12 PM on July 6

Ah, that explains the constant references to roast coffee beans in the script :)
posted by Saxon Kane at 12:14 PM on July 7

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