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June 30, 2024 12:26 AM - Season 2, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Molloy questions the fiery fallout of Louis and Claudia's trial. (Season finale.)
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Ooh wow. It's going to take me a minute to digest that.
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The last time I saw a finale this fantastic was Hannibal's series finale.

Caveat: I am trusting the show runners to show us what happened to Daniel + Armand. If this doesn't come to pass, I will change my opinion to Worst. finale. Evahhh. But they've bought a lot of grace with this season and I know they are all Devil's Minion fans, so right now I am keeping the faith.

As a long time book reader, Lestat has always felt too beyond me. Like some super hero that I just couldn't connect with. The narrator. The one moving the plot along. Sam changed all of that with his performance, specifically in this episode. I was totally enthralled by him every time he was on screen. Stunning and beautiful. That final scene with him and Louis is what the grief and pain and love in Rice's prose always looked like in my brain.

This show gave me back parts of myself I forgot, and the finale etched it in stone so I don't forget again.

Random Q's: It feels like they were playing fast and loose with the timeline as soon as the formal interview ended. It seemed to be at least a year after- but maybe more? When was the last big hurricane in New Orleans? And the painting Louis was standing before in Dubai- anyone know whose that is?

Please link all of your post-show wrap up interviews here. I want to read all the things.

My offering: I missed the official podcast this year. I wish they'd continued it. But I would recommend The Articulate Coven for thoughtful dialogue on each episode.

Thanks all who followed & commented along here this season. Dream well.
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What a finale, what a season, what a show. I'm so grateful for the cast and crew who gave so much in this wonderful adaptation and I'm going to be bereft while we wait for season three. Glad it's not going to be too long, supposedly they're filming in the fall.

Obsessed with vampire Daniel and what they're going to do with the Devil's Minion storyline. The mention of Akasha. Rockstar Lestat doing his best Hozier impression (I hope). Louis finally getting some measure of peace in Dubai. Armand and Marius reunited. God!! So much!!

Some post-finale interviews:

‘Interview With the Vampire’ Stars Break Down That Game-Changing Season 2 Finale (with some delightful insights into Lestat and Louis, and whether or not we'll finally see someone fuck that old man).

‘Interview With the Vampire’ Boss, Stars Talk Finale’s Heart-Wrenching Twist and Season 3
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This was SO GOOD. It was really a relief to go into the finale knowing there's going to be a season 3. My partner and I had a lot of the same questions, haplesschild.

The painting behind Louis is of his brother, Paul. I believe we saw it last in season 1, but it's definitely a callback to an item we've seen before. Louis also grabs the yellow dress when he's torching the theater. Lestat wears the same robe as he wore in season 1 as well, though noticeably aged. I cannot overstate how much I love the care that goes into the sets and props and WORLD of this show.

Hurricane names run on a six year cycle, with some names being retired (Like Katrina, for example). Odette was on the 2021 list and will be on the 2027 list. We don't think they would have hopped forward to 2027, but the storm that 'would have' been Odette was a Super Typhoon that hit the Philippines in December of 2021. The name was not retired, and is known in the US as Typhoon Rai. So I think, with such a strong, reality based name, they're hinting at the next season being in 2027. Gives us plenty of time for Devil's Minion and lets Lestat kick off his tour.
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Interesting catch, Torosaurus! So does that mean it's a 5 year jump between the end of things in Dubai and Louis in New Orleans and issuing his challenge to the other vampires?
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I think we'll find out, fight or flight! I think it means a 5 year jump, my wife thinks that it's just a vaguely French sounding name from the hurricane name list used by the writers. 2021 Essence Festival was online, but in 2022 New Edition DID play the festival. So we're split on that one, and I haven't seen it officially addressed. I think I'll get to hold on to my 2027 theory until Season 3, at least.
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