Your Honor
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I started to make a post for the show, but it’s not on the list. When I tried to add it I found 6 shows called “Your Honor” with no other info. And then I started to wonder if it really needed a fanfare post. It’s the kind of show that could generate a lot of excellent discussion, but since it’s not new I believe that’s less likely to emerge from a random post with no other discussion.

Bryan Cranston plays a New Orleans judge of high integrity and strong principles. His son commits a crime, which creates a series of conflicts that fuels the show.

I think it’s good? It’s interesting to see Cranston go from good to bad (I’m assuming) as opposed to weak to strong to weak.

It’s got a couple of awards for cinematography, and Cranston was nominated for a Golden Globe. There are two seasons, released in 2020 and 2023.
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For what it's worth, out of all my Fanfare posts, I think the ones which got the most traction were Rocky Horror Picture Show, Wuthering Heights, Koyaanisqatsi, and Stop Making Sense.

I know that currency doesn't always predict engagement, but based on the rest of my Fanfare posts, I'd say it's clear that I don't know exactly what will drive engagement (a lot of them were posted and got just one or two comments). [shrugs]
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I don't know that anything needs a FF post, but it looks like this show is streaming on some big platforms (so people are more likely to be able to check it out) and you have some interest-piquing things to say about it. So why not?

FWIW even if you don't get a lot of discussion and it feels like posting into the void, you never know. I don't comment much on FF posts but I like to read them and I often put interesting things I find about on my list. It can take me a long time to get around to them and I don't necessarily go back and comment, but I've found some interesting things to watch and read that way and I'm grateful for the introduction.
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