Answer Me This!: AMT308: Pink Hair, Sleeping Naked and Tom Jones's Knickers
February 20, 2015 7:08 AM - Subscribe

Today we deliberate over careers, redundancy, hair dye and the Royals eating hot dogs. Answer Me This! Episode 308 is a surprisingly jobs-themed episode, with questions about whether your tertiary education should prepare you for one, to how your hair can affect your ability to get one, to what you do when you lose one.

On today’s roster are such topics as: cat-cleaning; pink hair; green hair; vocations; FDR’s hot dog banquet; Bill Clinton’s night out with the lads; redundancy; sleeping naked; fainting at Elvis; throwing knickers at Tom Jones.

Plus: a typo made Olly a lot more popular in 90s chatrooms; if you’ve been made redundant, join Helen at the Daytime Cinema Club; and Martin the Sound Man manages to make a big pile of underwear sound like the grossest, most unappealing, least sexy thing possible.

Alternate title: "Haunted by an image of my father’s penis"
posted by jazon
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