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Vincent, a grief-stricken father whose son goes missing, finds solace through his friendship with Eric, the monster that lives under Edgar's bed.
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I used the show description from IMDB instead of the episode description, which is

Vincent's son Edgar has an idea for Good Day Sunshine's new puppet. But before he can convince his father, the boy disappears on the way to school.
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I have complicated feelings about this show.

The theme song for the puppet show (“Good Day Sunshine”) evokes Sesame Street but also The Beach Boys.

Vincent (Cumberbatch) starts out painfully horrible to the people around him. He improves. I wish I saw more of the back half of his character arc, where he works out his issues.

Without giving too much away … the criminal activity that emerges during the show is outrageously horrible and seems more inline with scary memes shared by suburbanites. While it seems silly to demand that the crime be historically accurate in a show where a hallucinated monster plays a major role, I just wonder. I really don’t want to try searching it online. Maybe I will remain in the dark.

Cumberbatch got me to watch the show. But I absolutely loved Belcher’s portrayal of Ledroit. Also loved Soto and Hoffman.

At first I thought Ledroit’s partner was another cop who had been injured in the line of duty. I had no reason to think so and I was quite wrong.

The theme song notwithstanding, I really liked the the music. I’d never heard the Vitamin C song before and that was very appealing. I’m not sure I get the use of “I’m not in love” by 10cc.
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There was a lot going on in this show and I keep waffling over whether I actually liked it or not. I feel like it should have either been about the night club and that whole situation and been a serious and accurate presentation of the human impact of that very horrible crime, OR a darkly whimsical story about a young kid that goes missing in the labyrinth of 1980’s New York and his father grappling with addiction and mental health issues. But not both. Both storylines seemed to suffer by being intertwined with one another. There also didn’t seem to be a main character? Ledroit came closest to that for me because he held the two storylines together while having his own arc, but then you’ve got Cumberbatch as the headliner in this weird sort of Jim Henson-esque character meets “hey I’m walking here” stereotypical New Yorker character. Yeah, I just don’t know. I do think Ledroit was the strongest character in the show by far though. Weird weird show.
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I agree there was a lot going on, a lot of pieces that don't normally fit together, but I don't think it's the worse for that. It was a more complex and weirder story than I was expecting it to be. Initially I was annoyed by what looked like it was going to be a trite child-abduction story; in hindsight, I think they were playing off that expectation.

Visually, I thought they did a great job of capturing the texture of New York City in the 1980s. It felt like it could have been shot then, apart from the subject matter. I think I noticed one bit of dialog that seemed too new—"you're going to crush it" or something like that.
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