The 100: Resurrection
February 20, 2015 10:50 AM - Season 2, Episode 13 - Subscribe

The 47 trapped inside Mt. Weather continue their uprising against their hosts and Maya's motivations for helping them are revealed. In the immediate aftermath of the missile strike on the grounder village, attempts to rescue the injured and buried are hampered by the presence of a sniper from Mount Weather. Octavia is thrust into an opportunity to succeed or fail miserably when tasked with helping others amidst the carnage and Clarke sets off to find the sniper intent on avenging the deaths caused by her decision. Abbie and Kane find themselves trapped under the village rubble and Abbie realizes that the logic behind Clarke's decision originated much closer to home.

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posted by Atreides (5 comments total)
Action packed ep - felt like a season finale almost. I'm so over the olds, but I guess the writers have plans for Abby and Kane. Can't stand their hypocrisy.
posted by travelwithcats at 11:36 AM on February 20, 2015 [1 favorite]

That was SOOOOOOO good! Non-stop action! I loved the scene in the mountain when they thought they knocked the kids out. I was yelling "Hell yeah!" in my living room. I can't wait for this fight to go down, but I also hope there's some chance of living peacefully together somehow!
posted by Crystalinne at 11:10 AM on February 21, 2015 [1 favorite]

Tondisi: Sniper! Everyone is pinned down, and Indra takes a bullet. This plotline is mostly about Octavia taking leadership of the other seconds and figuring out a way to get to a safer position and start digging out trapped people. It's not bad, and I'm glad to see her integrating well, but nothing particularly stands out in my memory either.

I thought Indra was dead maybe, so I was very glad when she wasn't. She probably shouldn't riding to battle, but try telling her that. I was delighted to see Indra and Lincoln making peace with each other - for his part I don't think Lincoln was carrying any grudge, but Indra certainly was. My reading was that Indra decided to drop the grudge in recognition of their shared importance to Octavia, with a side of Lincoln's usefulness. Octavia is pleased to see them embrace.

Abby and Kane: Abby breaks off from the Octavia plotline early to go have a chat with Kane about Clarke. She hears noises underground and enters a tunnel to find Kane trapped under some rubble. After a blood-spurting attempt to free him, some fresh rubble falls and traps her too. Clarke comes up. Abby is still pissed, but Kane understands - he might have done the same thing. He gently points out to Abby all the death they've been responsible for. Abby considers this unhappily.

Clarke and Lexa: Clarke has feelings and wanders in a daze. Lexa points out the need to not get shot in the head. Clarke wants to kill a mountain man - fair enough. They meet up with Lincoln, who is also hunting the sniper. Lincoln makes a face like he understands the implications of Clarke and Lexa wandering the woods unharmed when everyone thought they were in town, but he doesn't say anything about it.

When the find the sniper, it doesn't go super well. Sniper sees them before they get to him, but then Clarke covers while Lincoln circles around. After a short fight, the sniper has Lincoln hostage. Important bit of dialogue:

L: Just let him kill me and protect your people.
C: You are my people. *shoots the sniper through Lincoln's shoulder*

Lincoln and Lexa approve of this solution and they wander back to town. A group from Camp Jaha are just arriving with supplies. Abby and Kane are dug out, medical help is given. Clarke makes an inspiration speech and Abby kills the moment by reminding everyone that they're currently saving people's lives and that's maybe important too?

Meanwhile, in Mount Weather: the kids are barricading themselves on the radiation flooded floor. There's a great fake-out in the first assault - knock-out gas canisters are thrown in, and everyone pretends to be unconscious, but they've actually thrown them in buckets of water and are fine. I was tricked, which made it lovely when everyone jumped up and started fighting. It's a pretty bloody fight. "JasperWithanAxe" <>
Bellamy meets Maya's dad, who was part of a group against the use of grounder blood. Bellamy and Maya hide out, then plan to get weapons to the 47 (minus a few at this point), but Maya gets caught. She's used as a tool against the kids in the least tense ultimatum ever. There was no decision to be made. In what possible world are they going to turn themselves all over to be brutally murdered in order to save one girl they've known for a few weeks? Not the best thinking on the part of the Mount Weather establishment.

Anyway, they all escape to go hide with the on-side Mount Weather adults contacted by Maya's dad, Bellamy continues his mission, and everyone's waiting for Clarke to get there.

Looking forward to more.
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Vibratory, thanks for the good break down!

The episode was definitely enjoyable.

Perhaps my favorite moment was the discussion by rubble trapped Abbie and Kane, when Kane points out that Clarke is the product of the world they created on the Ark, where lives were taken for almost frivolous matters, all for the greater good of the rest of the Ark's residents. To a degree, I almost wonder if it's the writers speaking through them to us to make us understand that Clarke isn't as horrible as Abbie accused her of being in the previous episode. The 100, for the most part, have kind of existed as a counterpoint to how the Ark was run, so it's interesting to see the writers state that Clarke is simply reflecting her background, the one she's consciously tried to reject since returning to Earth. It was also fascinating because it seemed as if Kane and Abbie were in purgatory, trapped in the underworld while they came to terms with what they were responsible for and had done, and when they did that, they were rescued and brought back to the world of the living.

Clarke's call for vengeance and its failure to help her feel better was a bit of a trope, but I concur with vibratory in that it happened so we could hear Clarke declare that the grounders were her people. I still think she's on track to end up as a leader of both the Ark folks and the Grounders, perhaps even, the survivors of Mount Weather (cause, y'all know, I do think there's going to be some indiscriminate slaughter). She will then get to struggle with the trouble of balancing everyone's needs, etc, etc...

Jasper. There's something very personal when you kill someone with anything that requires using one's hand to hit/slice/cut another person. Jasper's actions with the axe, killing the wounded soldier on the ground, reveal a visceral anger toward the Mount Weather folk, and understandably so. He could have ordered the guy to be taken prisoner, but this is reaction of the more "civilized" Ark people, just imagine how brutal the Grounders will be when allowed the opportunity to take their own revenge?

This show is very much one about redemption and now the Mount Weather residents, some of the residents, are getting this chance to be redeemed. What I don't know if it will be enough, and if it is enough, will the Ark folks setup a continual blood drive or something to help keep them alive?

Nothing from Team Jaha and Murphy, presumably we will find them trudging northward next episode.
posted by Atreides at 8:06 AM on February 22, 2015

Oooh Atreides, your point about this show being about redemption is great.
posted by purple_bird at 3:05 PM on April 15, 2016

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