The Bear: Napkins
July 9, 2024 11:26 PM - Season 3, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Tina looks for a new opportunity.

This is Tina's origin story, full of anxieties, uncertainties, and indignities. We get a window into aspects of her life we've never seen before – her home, her husband, her morning routine making bag lunches and crockpot dinners for her family, and the events that threatened to upend it all. Then she walks into the Beef, and finds a whole new path.
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Forgot to mention that this episode was directed by the irrepressible Ayo Edebiri, who joined the Directors Guild of America to do so. This is her first directing credit.
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The Mikey/Tina scenes were perfect.
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Extremely weak season packed with disappointing filler content but this was one of two standout episodes. Liza Colón-Zayas is incredible!
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I spent most of this season frustrated with how Tina had been shuffled to the background, and how the writers seemed to have her flailing/failing rather than crushing it the way she was in the previous season. Then 'Napkins' happened, and Tina uttered the line "I just need a routine, man" and I swore under my breath because the writers were playing a long game I hadn't seen coming.

Massive show-don't-tell about how much harm Carmy is doing while chasing that star.

(Buddy, you better get your shit together next season with some actual consequences, because I'm really tired of "everybody accommodate the dysfunctional genius" stories. This season felt way too much like that for me.)
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