Aldnoah.Zero: Here to There (The Flaw in Paradise)
February 22, 2015 6:00 AM - Season 1, Episode 19 - Subscribe

Slaine embarks on a campaign to solidify his hold on the Vers power structure. Magbaredge is disappointed that the UFE higher-ups do not seem to be aware that Vers tactics may be changing with the internal political changes in Vers. As his plans unfold Slaine is conflicted about the person he has become.

Asseylum has regained consciousness, but remains weak and appears to have gaps in her memory. Barouhcruz aligns himself with Slaine and dismisses Mazuurek's suspicions regarding Slaine, even offering to act as a bridge between Mazuurek and Slaine.
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It is ridiculous how much more interesting for me the Slaine/Mars side of the story is than anything Earth side. I'm almost at the point of skipping.
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Next time on Aldnoah Zero: while fatal intrigues continue among the Martians, a new crisis forces Inaho to push his abilities to the limit...

"Inaho! My Discman's out of batteries! Little help here?"

[Inaho stares intently at the shiny side of a CD, then opens his mouth and emits the first track of Jewel's Greatest Hits.]
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This really was a Slaine episode, showing both his internal conflict and his scheming to rise to the top. And of course there is the question what is his ultimate goal.

This was another episode linking back to episode 8 - in the scenes of Slaine crying over Asseylum regaining consciousness alternating with the fighting on Earth in this episode, and in the episode 8 scenes of Slaine's torture and Asseylum joyfully watching birds with Inaho on the deck of the Deucalion, there is the same contrast of joy and pain, and the same piano track (the as-yet unreleased piano track used for scenes with Asseylum and Lemrina) is used.
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Interesting, in a way, to see how Lemrina and Slaine are leaning on each other, primarily due to how each's political position is propped up by the other. I can't tell whether Lemrina is genuinely warming to him or just psyching herself to the job... And since we know this won't last, it's down to seeing how she responds when the shit hits the fan; she doesn't seem to have as cool a head as her older sister.

It was an odd episode to me, in some ways mostly serving as a breather, to fill out the previous episode's cliffhangers. I'd bet the next episode (a) catches us up with whatever Inaho'd been doing and (b) plays out the consequences of Earth strategy not changing with Magbaredge's information, because obviously it's not going to go well. Probably too much to hope for some delayed consequences for Inaho's aiding the enemy but I suspect that it'll probably amount to him having to face Mazuurek in battle.
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