Castle: The Wrong Stuff
February 23, 2015 11:06 PM - Season 7, Episode 16 - Subscribe

Hey, let's try mentioning this show again because THEY DID AN EPISODE ABOUT GOING TO FUCKING MARS. Okay, it was a simulation, but still! Mars!

So Castle did a show based off of this and it was a hoot. The ultimate bottle episode with all the potential murderers locked in a simulation, and Castle and Beckett (who both got rejected for Mars missions, apparently) get to run around in spacesuits. Best case ever!

Seriously, the reason I watch this show is because the geek episodes make me laugh my head off and this was a hoot. At 10:09 once I heard that M.I.R.A. actually thinks they're on Mars, I was all, THE COMPUTER DID IT, and sure 'nuff, they kinda went there. In the end, I was reminded a bit of Murder On The Orient Express instead though.

I wish I'd written down all the lines. I seem to recall one moment when Castle said Beckett should be checked for sudden alien pregnancies or something like that and she was all "If you think that's how pregnancy is done...."
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I greatly enjoyed this episode. The gas-mask with the long breathing tube was an especially nice touch. Still, you'd think as big of a science fiction geek as Rick would know better than to leave the helmet for his pressure suit out of arm's reach.

I was also glad they addressed how it was starting to get a little weird for Rick, Kate, Martha, and a very grown up Alexis to all be living in such close quarters.
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While Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic are both great at getting serious, protective, and even sometimes dark, fun, geeky episodes are what Castle does best.

They have been egging on the fan base so hard with all the baby talk the latter half of this season. I don't see how a baby could possibly fit into this show, so it must be an end game for the series? Although, Bones did (somewhat) pull it off and are going for baby number two.

Loved Castle's constant "moon jumping." And that they didn't forget the fact that Beckett is also a scifi fan.
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Oh, and just to nitpick, because I hate it when shows do absurd tech stuff. Here's some of the insane feats this episode:

- being an engineer means you can crack high security software systems without any trouble
- the billionaire guy looked at a handful of IP addresses and instantly picked one out that he didn't recognize
- he also traced that IP to a name and an address in mere seconds
- a small reflection in video footage was enhanced so well you could clearly see blood on a screw driver

Also, "that's a great story, but you have no proof" has really become a cliche of late.
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An entire episode about space and not even the tiniest little reference to Firefly? What a missed opportunity!
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Oh damn, good point. No space cowboy references. Then again, they were in spacesuits and not flying.

I actually thought they were doing "The Final Frontier 2" at the start of this. That's still my favorite episode of the show, but this is probably #2.

Man, I hope they don't do a baby unless the show's about to end. Television does not do babies well.
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Finally catching up with the DVR... A good, fun episode. Not their best, but even their middle ground episodes are good TV. I don't mind not having a Firefly easter egg. Too many spoils it. However I would love a Hitchcockian cameo for Joss Whedon one day. Just walking in the background of the precinct or ordering coffee at a cafe.

I was bored with the serious two-parter that came before. You know they're not going to kill or disfigure Beckett. But the last fifteen minutes sold it. Castle at his best, and Beckett's probably going to need some therapy after that. Not the being held hostage, but brutally killing her captor. Geesh, the look on her face when she grabbed the doctor's hand....
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