How to Get Away with Murder: Mama's Here Now
February 25, 2015 7:13 AM - Season 1, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Annalise turns to an unexpected source of help. Family trauma runs deep. Bonnie fights for a nurse. The law students continue their descent into paranoia and deception.
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The rest of the episode was meh but every scene with Cicely Tyson was holy shit amazing.
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A list of things that made me say OH MY GOD in this episode.

Rebecca and the tracking software. Annalise with the given name Anna Mae (sp?). That last scene with Mama and Annalise (OMG OMG OMG). Frank watching Bonnie get her groove on. Annalise in the interrogation room with Nate.

The brilliant turn Bonnie takes. The actress was brilliant at portraying the arc from unsure > angry > in charge.
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This show is great. It should get so much more love. I loved Cicely on it, though I did say aloud to Shonda that you can't have Cicely (mfn') Tyson say some of those low budget lines. It's Cicely Tyson! But I loved the turnaround from the beginning of the episode when you thought her mom was wild for suggesting what she did. And then in the end it all comes back around.

It has its ups and downs but this is a fantastic show and Viola is absolutely slaughtering the role. I love that she's a mastermind, I love these annoying students, and I love that it's a genuine mystery that still gives you plenty to chew on each week.
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Holy fuck, Cicely Tyson! Just, wow. Is Scandal this heartbreaking? Viola is all intense emotion and Cicely is just effortless. So much pain, so much strength.

Mikaela: When have I ever done anything stupid?
Audience: Telling off your ex-fiance's mom, pushing Sam over the railing, losing your ring in the woods, stealing the statue, freaking out at your ex-fiance's party, etc.

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I loved Cicely on it, though I did say aloud to Shonda that you can't have Cicely (mfn') Tyson say some of those low budget lines.

I actually said after last week's episodes that between How to Get Away with Murder and Empire, we are living in the golden age of older (than me) women of color are acting circles around not-so-good dialogue on network television.
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Annalise's mother is awesome.

I did expect Annalise to snap back at her mother about living in a "fancy rich house." It's not like Annalise was a trophy wife, she probably could have afforded that place herself!

Great to get some backstory on Annalise (and her relationship with Sam - can't believe she was his patient!).
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