Broad City: "Citizen Ship"
February 26, 2015 4:18 AM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

The gang crashes a boat party to celebrate Jaimé passing his citizenship test in style.
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"You are my best friend! Don't you ever call anybody else that"
"I'm wild and I'm free. I'm a sexual X-Man, I'm Wolverine, I'm Vulvarine!"

Best lines of the ep!
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Nah, dude. It was "Riiiiight.. Rightrightright".
Ilana's outburst was fantastic.
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Wow, Shakira IS Spicy Spice!!
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The reviewers over at TPM hated the episode, and I mostly agree. The trans* stuff and the "rape and fire" joke were terrible. And I think that some of what the shows does with Bevers is pretty brilliant, but in this episode it was all the ways in which his character is a drag and none of the ways in which he works. He's generally better in small doses and although he featured prominently in the hurricane episode, the rest of the cast and writing in that episode was excellent and so he was a gear in a well-working machine. Here, he was just fucking annoying.

The joke about Ilana's relationship with Lincoln is also starting to go stale and, in fact, what they did in this episode would have been interesting if it had been all about introducing some change in the relationship. But, no.

The TPM folk point out how incredibly freaky and scary that final shot of Jaime with his stars-and-stripes contacts is, and that while it implies a critique of his gung-ho embrace of the US, and while maybe being trapped on a big white boat with lawyers who measure their children's ages in financial quarters is part of this episode exploring that, overall it mostly didn't feel that way. The opening joke about Lincoln's ancestors' entrance into the US was very pointed and it seems like maybe this was a kernel of what they thought they were doing, but they pretty much didn't achieve it at all.
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Bevers sucks and he brings the entertainment level down, no question. The good parts this ep were those without him. Unfortunately he didn't go through with his plan to marry Melody(?), so we'll have to endure him in the coming episodes. Man, Illana really had the chance to make Abbi's life better, and totally blew it!
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This was by far the worst episode of this otherwise excellent show, and one that I hope doesn't represent a sign of where things are going.

Also, TPM reviews TV now? Weird.
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Is Abby wearing the same expensive blue dress she bought last season?
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Ilana is wearing the stained white TJ MAXX blazer from the Mochalata Blues episode!!
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