The Slap: Anouk
February 26, 2015 8:58 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Anouk argues with Rosie, then with her mother, who is one of those cosmopolitan seventies mothers who are pantsuited and prestigious and only want to be friends, not mothers. Rosie's accent wanders.

I thought Aisha was far out of bounds in arguing with Anouk, instead of immediately arranging for the referral for the abortion. But worse happens in American doctors' offices. Although it's usual TV practice for a woman to have second thoughts about an abortion and then settle down to family and motherhood, it doesn't mean such things can't happen and shouldn't be shown at all. I am torn. Anyway, Jamie seems like a sweet kid.

Hugo does not, but then, he is not really in this episode.
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This episode was terrible compared to its original. All interested parties should immediately go watch the Australian one (starring the excellent Essie Davis) immediately. They changed the character and the plot entirely, I have no idea why except probably 'MURICA.

I'm so disappointed. The original series did an excellent job with the women's characters and NBC's version is such a let down. Unsurprisingly.
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I thought Aisha was far out of bounds in arguing with Anouk, instead of immediately arranging for the referral for the abortion.

Agreed. She acted like a terrible doctor in that exchange and somehow made that conversation all about herself, even though she claimed she "had" to ask all of those questions as part of doing her job as a doctor - nope, just confirm the pregnancy and refer the patient out immediately. It played like Aisha had a vested interest in having her best friend make the same life choices she has vis-a-vis becoming a mother, which was gross.

So many things bothered me about this ep. In addition to the surprise pro-life narrative, it sucked that the show portrayed Anouk's very successful working mom (hi Blythe Danner, I love you) with a big career and name of her own as The Most Uncaring Mother in the World, right down to the drama about Anouk once finding the papers that indicated her mother never wanted to raise her. It was inflammatory and misogynistic - my inner feminist is pissed off. Why the hell did the writers have to reduce Anouk's mom's life to a shitty false dichotomy about "brilliance" vs. motherhood? Please.

I thought Anouk's conversation with Hector was really well played - Anouk spoke some truth there. But. If I were Aisha, she would not be my best friend if she didn't also tell me.

I laughed out loud at how overplayed Anouk's fear of babies is; throwing herself against the wall as the baby carriage passed by - lols. Like Rosemary's baby was riding in there or something.
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I don't why but I find it so interesting to see Blythe Danner playing Uma Thurman's mom. Wonder if Gwyneth Paltrow was considered for the role of Anouk?
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Mary-Louise Parker (love her) was originally signed on to play Anouk, but unfortunately had to back out, and so they hired Uma.
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I am starting to find the heavy-handed writing difficult to sit through. The only reason I'm sticking around is because a kid in my small CT town plays Rocco so we're all supporting the effort.

Uma was terrible, I was embarrassed for her. I found Blythe a caricature as well, her mouth area seems distorted from the fillers and Botox she must be using, it was painful to watch.
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