The Bletchley Circle: Cracking a Killer's Code, Part 3
February 27, 2015 11:21 AM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Thinking she knows the identity of the killer, Susan returns with the police, only to find him gone.

Later, at home, she discovers a coded message with Cavendish's address, which in turn provides another clue. By following the thread, Susan could be walking into a trap.
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I enjoyed this series, up until the last 10 minutes. As much as I adore "Sherlock," it seems like ever since that show debuted, every new British mystery feels like it has to incorporate some variation on the Jigsaw Killer from "Saw."

I like the fact that Jean makes her own gin - because of course she does. And it had been driving me nuts all along trying to figure out what I know that actress from ... she had the lead role in the awesome remake of "Survivors" several years ago, which is due for a rewatch.

Lucy's perfect memory (especially the bit with the postcard) almost puts this show in the realm of science-fiction. I understand that it's a convenient way of dealing with data in a world before computers, but still. It's a pretty big stretch.

Still, there was enough that I loved about this that I'm looking forward to watching the second series, despite all those quibbles.
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Just catching up!

I liked the series more and more as I watched this particular arc. I had to fast forward through the end part where Susan is in the basement because it was so claustrophobic and I hate basements. Mostly I love watching these women work together and in doing so find a place where they can be as smart and honest and forthright when the outer world would never permit them to be so entirely themselves.

I'd been wondering about the dynamic of Bletchley Park secrecy. I'd found it hard to understand why Susan's husband had not put together murmurs of the goings on there with Susan's presence at the time, but it turns out that people who worked there were faithful to the secret and not much was known about the activities until well into the 1970s. If Susan had been able to tell her husband, I have a feeling things would be quite different at home.
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Personally I think this season would have worked better if they left the killer off-screen the entire time. Maybe there's a scene or two when he gets arrested, but I'd have liked to see the Bletchley circle effect his capture without ever getting directly involved. It seems like the show's writers take special pleasure in putting the characters in harm's way, presumably for heightened drama.

jbickers - interesting, I didn't know there was such a trend in British TV shows. Maybe that explains why the serial killer plot felt out of sync with the rest of the show.

At any rate, I enjoyed the characters and the way they worked together, and I ended up liking Season 2 even more.
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