Aldnoah.Zero: The Light of Day (The Price of Honor)
March 1, 2015 7:19 AM - Season 1, Episode 20 - Subscribe

Trapped by three Vers Knights working in concert, UFE squads retreat thanks to a daring intervention from the Deucalion. Mazuurek holds a personal audience with the disguised Lemrina, asking her questions about Earth. He then maneuvers to enter Slaine's landing castle while Slaine is absent and questions Edelrittuo. Lemrina is increasingly distressed with her role in Slaine's life.

At the same time Lemrina discovers Asseylum's recovery tank is empty, Asseylum's memories are triggered by the pendant Edelrittuo hands to Asseylum.
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There are some oddities with the English subtitles, which were also present in episode 19. While the episode 19 ones just made things confusing, the one that I particularly noticed in episode 20 was in the scene where Slaine is explaining himself to Edelrittuo:

Slaine: "As to what she is looking for ... I can tell. The same thing as me, I suspect. A place where she can find solace. But that is something that neither of us will ever obtain."

The Korean subtitles had translated that last sentence as "But that is something that we will not obtain together." There is a subtle difference in meaning - in the former case, it implies that Slaine sees no possibility of either of them finding solace, while in the latter case, it implies that finding solace is possible, just not with each other.

With that line, and this one - "But even if she looks down on or derides me for what I am doing here, I do not particularly mind." - Slaine is pretty much the stereotypical Urobuchi Gen hero. Emiya Kiritsugu should buy him a drink.
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All the pieces are now in place for an unhappy ending. The remaining question is: how unhappy can they make it?
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It will be unhappy because there are a number of conflicting desires. Lemrina wants to be with Slaine and for Asseylum to "release her hold" over Slaine's heart. Slaine wants to be with Asseylum, but hopes she won't remember everything of what happened.

The Vers knights want to claim Earth as their own, and have superior technology, while the Terran forces want to keep the Martians out.

And then there's Inaho's eye/brain ache, which bodes ill for him, and in turn, the rest of the Terran forces.

Speaking of Martian technology, how is it that Lemrina still has a wheelchair and not some bad-ass mini-mecha to give her mobility? She was undone by a drop in the ground. When you can be brought low by a simple crack in the sidewalk, it undermines your position of authority.

Also, she slipped into the Dutiful Wife role pretty quickly, with Slaine taking the part of busy husband.

"Slaine, dinner is ready."
"Sorry doll-face, I have stuff to do. Important stuff. Caio!"

Really? Really? Sigh.
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> is it that Lemrina still has a wheelchair and not some bad-ass mini-mecha to give her mobility?

There's potential for a backstory rich enough for a short spinoff series of its own. Why are her legs so weak (they work, to a limited degree, when she's in water or zero-G)? Why has the whole Vers power structure apparently neglected/ignored/forgotten her existence if she's an heir to the throne? How did she end up in Saazbaum's care? Why isn't she scheming to end her charade as Asseylum?
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Then again they're still dangling over us the significance of Asseylum's locket, what Slaine's dad was doing shipping the two of them off to Mars, and how the Aldnoah power works. So the coming few episodes ought to be info-packed theatrical hand-wringing.
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Man, that Locket of Misfortune. Does anything good ever happen to people who have the locket?

Slaine went from whipping boy to ruler of his own kingdom since getting rid of that locket. Meanwhile, how many times did Asseylum die after getting the locket?
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