John McTiernan's best trio
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So I was reading this article today, about the 25th anniversary of "The Hunt For Red October"and started thinking about a rewatch. But the article also references two of John McTiernan's other films: Predator and Die Hard.

Taken together, the three are probably his best films. So I was thinking of watching all three and looking at them as films and their historical place in things and thought I'd see if anyone wants to join me in watching the films and discussing them here.

I'm leaning towards doing a chronological rewatch - Predator, then Die Hard, then Hunt, but am open to mixing it up.

Fanfare has already done Die Hard so a rewatch could jump into that thread, or we could skip it altogether (I've seen Die Hard many, many times and while I'll never say no to it, I also don't feel a driving need to see Bruce Willis cowboy it up).

Looking at the three films as a whole, I'm struck at how very masculine they all are - Predator and Die Hard really only have one female character, and Hunt (if I remember right) only really has one scene/one line with a woman, so I'm worried about the testosterone overdose. To prevent that, maybe one a week? One every other week? No rush, after all, the films have been around for 25 years plus.

I'll probably do this anyways (because hey - all three films are ones I would never really say no to watching), but wanted to see if anyone would like to join in.
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I'd say DH3 and Thomas Crown are both better than Hunt.
McTiernan was always good at "villains"
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I had a brainfart that's been translated through my fingers and now am getting John McTiernan mixed up with John Milius.

At some point we need to do a commentary-on re-watch of Conan the Barbarian.
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