12 Monkeys: Yesterday
March 6, 2015 9:06 PM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

In 2015, Railly travels to Chechnya to see if Cole is still there, alive or dead. In 2043, Ramse travels to the Project Spearhead headquarters, where they're trying to develop a cure for the plague, to acquire a needed part.
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So if the army/science base has the cure for the 2033 version, and Cole's in 2017, if they can do one more round trip then there can be at least a partial timely solution to the plague, right? I would hope they'd at least try it, and then we can have more weird alt-future shenanigans.

I think Secret Kid has to be one of my most loathed tropes. Sigh.
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I admit to a general feeling of disappointment in this episode. I thought last week's episode would have made a good end to the series (I'd been under the impression it was going to be a miniseries, though I think that must be wrong now). Though I quite like Cole, I was sort of hoping he was actually dead, and hadn't been rescued by last-minute splintering, because that feels like kind of a cop-out. And the stuff with Spearhead just seems like unnecessary conflict at this point. We've got bad guys: the Army of the 12 Monkeys, the plague, and the unstoppable march of Cosmic Fate (or whatever). We don't need more antagonists.
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