The Legend of Korra: Rebirth of a Nation
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The second episode of Legend of Korra, finds Team Avatar on a road trip aboard an airship, compliments of Asami, voyaging across the Earth Kingdom on their way to its capital, Ba Sing Se. Along the way, Tenzin and Korra attempt to recruit the new air benders to help rebuild the Air Nation, with less than successful (and quite amusing) results. Also, the return of Zuko!

Because they must be repeated, Tenzin's top recruiting pitches to Earth Kingdom airbenders (as well as I can remember them)!
  • “Your best friend will be a giant bison!”
  • "You will love our vegetarian diet!"
  • "You'll love our antique robes!"
  • "You won't have to worry about all your material goods because as an air bender, you won't have any!"
  • "Your son will get to cover himself in these tattoos!"
Please feel free to drop the exact quotes!
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I love how they make Tenzin so inept at dealing with people. Whether it's his kids or new airbenders or whatever, it's just delightfully ridiculous. You were in the Republic City Council! You didn't just date Pema, you also dated Lin! You've obviously had to deal with people all your life, but you still don't get people, and it's awesome.

Also, give me a sky bison, Tenzin. GIVE IT TO ME. I don't have air bending powers, but I need a sky bison in my life.

I have to admit that even though Henry Rollins is still leaving me flat, I am so excited about this group of criminals. Ming-Hua the waterbender is amaaaaaaaaaaazing and I cannot wait to see Korra go up against her.

And Zuko! Oh Zuko! You and Tenzin must get on wonderfully, because both of you are so so inept with people.

I also hope beyond hope that there will be a scene where he hears about Mako's girl troubles, just to say "That's rough, buddy."
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They are just TERRIBLE at sales pitches! Can't everyone just hang out and learn airbending skills before becoming monks?? Or would that destroy airbender culture?
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I love how Tenzin is so inept at dealing with people too.

I am so very very glad that Korra and Asami are close friends. Very glad they're not somehow pitted against each other because of Mako.
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The wonderfulness of Tenzin is that he's so sincere, excited and passionate in his pitches to the potential air nomad candidates. He's like an uber geek who's recruiting for a club, dressed up for cosplay, and trying to sell what he perceives to be the most awesome aspects of being a part of the club without a hint of realizing that his love isn't one universally shared.

I loved the map with the chibi-type faces of Team Avatar as they moved from one spot to another and Bolin's final salesman pitch in the village where they pick up Kai. Speaking of which, I'm holding my breath on that character. Jinora's crush on him, though, is sweet.

And good ol' Zuko. Got himself a dragon!
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I had my mind blown by the last line of the episode:

"I'm going to Scotland!" Zuko's going to...Scotland? Wait, this world has a Scotland!? What does that mean? Could this be an after-effect of Korra's actions during the Harmonic Convergence? Is their world merging with our world somehow? Huh, this is a truly baffling development, let me watch that scene again to see if there are any clues...

Oh. Heh. "I'm going to stop them."
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I feel like Team Avatar should have seen it coming, that newly minted airbenders wouldn't necessarily want to become monks, but it's understandable that they forgot in their excitement, because omg! more airbenders! I loved Tenzin's awkward geeky pitches, and I loved the slacker hipster living in his mom's basement in particular.

I'm wary about Kai. I suspect he'll let everyone down at least once before ultimately being redeemed.

Also, yay Zuko! I'm really glad to see him again.
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"They have an airship? Is it already that late into the game?"


"Oh man, now side quests?"
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