How to Get Away with Murder: The Night Lila Died (14) / It's All My Fault (15)
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Flashbacks begin to reveal what really happened when Lila was murdered; Annalise defends a priest accused of killing another priest; Rebecca and Wes grow more suspicious of each other; the shocking truth is revealed.
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I don't think there's any point in posting separate threads for episode 14 & 15; they're all blurred together in my head, and since it's been over a week since the finale without anyone posting the threads I figure there's not much to say.

I had a feeling that the show would never be able to surprise me with a twist again the way they did with the mid-season finale, and I was right. Because now I'm expecting them to do something batshit crazy, it just lacks the shock value when they do. Are they going to have a new murder to cover up every half-season? Oh well. I'm sure I'll keep tuning in to watch Viola Davis.
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The finale was disappointing. Not sure that I'll be onboard for S2. I'm not sold on Frank being Lila's murderer. It's too left field for the hints--Rebecca or the husband would have been better. I guess season 2 is whatever he owed Keating. But so what? If Frank is mob or similar whatever, as insinuated, then the murder is not surprising. We've all seen The Sopranos. Nothing new here.

Once you've kidnapped someone the outcome is either death or jail so Rebecca dying at the end was a surprise only because of its predictability--and I guess that's where the show lost me. It's one thing to have a fight get out of control and watch the repercussions but killing repeatedly is either a black comedy or just psycho (which is incredibly boring and done to death).

Oh yeah!, thanks for posting.
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Rebecca or the husband would have been better

Frank was acting on the husband's (Sam's) behalf -- Sam called him (apparently) after leaving Lila, then Frank came and did the deed. The question now is: Who does Frank really work for? If he's really working for Annalise, why did he do Sam's dirty work? My theory is that Frank is in love with Annalise (or maybe he works for whoever pays him, or maybe he's working for Sam's sister, or who the heck knows).

As for Rebecca dying -- no, it wasn't a huge surprise, but what was interesting is the way Annalise figured out a way to have her protegé finally stop being in love with her first. If Rebecca "disappeared" while that smart/determined dude was still in love with her, he'd be destroyed, which seems counter to Annalise's impulse to nurture him. This way, she accomplished her goal of protecting him, at least for a while longer.
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I liked both episodes. There are so many moving parts and interesting portions, and a lot of screentime for people who usually get relegated into side roles. I was heartbroken at what happened to Oliver. A few scenes before that, I yelled "he doesn't deserve you!!!" at the screen when Oliver and Connor were together a scene before. Oliver is just so great. And I love that Asher is a joke of a character. I'll definitely be watching next season. I love the mastermind Annalise is, while she's also completely human. It's great.
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Bonnie knows that Frank is a murderer. So does Annalise. THAT changes dynamics a lot. What does Frank owe Sam for?
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It's been nice to see Bonnie stepping up the past few seasons. I like when she laid the smackdown on them about getting themselves into this whole mess.

My favorite scene was between Michaela and Mrs. Walker. Also I love that Laurel kept the ring. Smart girl.

I guess I'm naive, but I love a good twist, and Frank doing Sam's dirty work was great. Interested to learn the backstory on that.

So if Frank and Annalise both say they didn't do it, and we see Wes standing in the basement shortly before, are we to think that Wes did it?
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i liked it! i didn't think it was left field at all - all season the back of my brain has been tingling with "what the fuck is up with frank??" everyone else was so fleshed out, and even for all they showed, his role was just so wooden - which perfectly plays in retrospect as a dude who is very closed off and hiding something from someone who knows him so well (or is he?). and even though i wasn't surprised at the death at the end (although i was sad about it - and i feel like the seekrit drugs were a way to make us feel less sad about it, but it didn't work), i was surprised where it fell. i had expected it easily 3 previous times in these two episodes alone so by the end i had sort of let down my guard and then bam - dead eyes.

also, am i the only one who pretends like bonnie is paris geller with a new identity? i'd read that fanfic...
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She's even back with another Asher!
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