Radiolab from WNYC: La Mancha Screwjob
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This episode we pierce the spandex-ed heart of professional wrestling, and travel 400 years into the past to walk the line between reality and fantasy.

Episode 1: professional wrestling. Episode 2: Don Quixote and the birth of metanarrative.
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I was completely enthralled by the Montreal Screwjob part of the show. I had heard of it before, but not the full story. I usually listen to podcasts while I'm commuting. I got just to the end of the background, before they started describing the event itself, during my trip to work one day, leaving myself with something of a natural cliffhanger. I had kind of a crappy day at work, but then I got to listen to the description of the event itself, which was so entertaining that I felt a lot better by the time I got home.

In reading more about it afterwards, I found 10 Reasons The Montreal Screwjob Was The Biggest Work Ever [deslide version]. I don't know enough about wrestling to form an opinion on whether it was planned in advance, but if it was, that was absolutely brilliant.
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I think when Owen Hart died the screwjob was used in the investigation and court hearings that followed. It's the only thing that convinces me it was a shoot rather than a work. If it was a work it was executed perfectly, and if it ever gets out people are going to jail.
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