Steven Universe: The Message
March 10, 2015 3:19 PM - Season 1, Episode 46 - Subscribe

Greg helps the Crystal Gems decode an enigmatic signal from an ancient Gem artifact.
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We get to see Lapis again! At least she still thinks fondly of Steven.

Positively -- Greg did good! Heartwarming father/son bonding there. And maybe the beginning of changing gem attitudes towards humans? Negatively -- God, it looks like ominous times ahead.

Notice, before Garnet thanks Greg, the camera focused on one of her gems. Foreshadowing?

Steven is awfully confident that Greg can help out. If one takes the stance that Rose is in Steven somewhere, it suggests that he knew somehow his equipment would work. It's weird to have a show with a POV character who is, himself, so mysterious.
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Yeah, it's clear that Garnet's insights can be more than just tactical. She knew the right thing to do was to make Greg feel appreciated for his help, which is easy to neglect after such a dire warning message. It's an interesting dichotomy for such an insightful character to be the same one who, when faced with a rapidly aging Steven, grabs a problem and shakes it vigorously in hopes violence was the answer. I'm quite confident we'll soon see where these two facets come from.

Also I'd like to point out one of my big pet peeves: An encoded signal that is broadcast continuously until it is finally decoded, at which point it plays neatly from beginning to end exactly once.
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Greg's got Queen vinyl in the back of his van. Coolest Dad.

Eh, that's a B-side.

Is this the first time they've used the r-word?
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Also I'd like to point out one of my big pet peeves

I feel your pain deeply and I would like to share with you my personal rationalization in this case: It is advanced Gem technology - once the data is expressed in a range audible to a specific predefined biological structure it ceases repetition in order to preserve secrecy, like a self-destructing message. This is from the Stone thing, not whatever's sending the signal.

I like the original song as recap structure. If I have to watch a clip show I hope it's a musical clip show!
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"There's just no way Greg's equipment can interface with our ancient Gem technology."

Well, he did it before...
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I really liked Steven's song for Lapis Lazuli. Greg's song... well, even Greg realized it was a B-side at best. However, I like that he wrote a song to the Wailing Stone.
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I love the songs in this show so much. All the music really.

I feel like the Gems just can't help but let their resentments towards Greg out sometimes. I hadn't thought of the flash in Garnet's gem indicating her use of her insight power, but now it seems obvious. I had hoped it was Steven's influence.
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I just want to say, upon reviewing this episode, that it's really funny in the first half. The Gems trying to quiet the Wailing Stone is laugh-out-loud funny, and it's awesome that when Greg gets into his audio jargon he's just as incomprehensible as the CGs get when they talking about ancient artifacts. And the music, as always, is great.

Ratings for Steven Universe are pretty steady, averaging around the two million mark. I get the feeling though that this show could go farther. The subreddit (generally pretty decent as subs go, as stands to reason for a show with such strong female characters) regularly melts down after every show, and they're falling to pieces right now just two episodes into the Stevenbomb.

The rumor goes that SU has been renewed for a third season....
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Having just watched this one again, the more I think about it and especially in light of what comes later, the more I feel like it was Steven's influence with Garnet. Also, Garnet has become not just my favorite Gem, but the one I identify most with.
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Also, “My brain is The Internet. I know every continuity error ever made on televison,” is one of the best jokes in a show full of great jokes.
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it's awesome that when Greg gets into his audio jargon he's just as incomprehensible as the CGs get when they talking about ancient artifacts.

All of it was totally authentic except for the fact there's no way you'd clean up a signal that way. But I was geeking out over his gear and his mastery of it. :D
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Just rewatching the first season right now after binge watching it last week for the first time, and I'm super late to the thread, but now I'm wondering if the Gems accidentally kicked off Peridot's investigation of Earth themselves by triggering the Wailing Stone when they found it back in Rose's Room, sending a message to Homeworld.
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