The Bletchley Circle: Blood On Their Hands, Part 2
March 12, 2015 1:26 PM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

In the concluding part of this story, the team continues to search for proof that Alice is innocent...

...but they discover evidence that points to a high-level conspiracy.
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I was half asleep when I watched this, and cranky, so I just wanted to smack Susan's husband's gape-face when she told him about her war service. Dude, your wife is smarter than you by far, deal with it. What did he say in the taxi on the way home, something about taking the kids with them to his new posting and she could home-school them?

I didn't think this mystery was terribly mysterious; I think it mostly served to get the new character on board as (I assume) the actress playing Susan wanted to move on. This series had real potential though, shame it couldn't have had the attention devoted to Foyle's War.
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No, the husband said something about getting Susan a government job at his new posting, such as teaching or some sort of clerical work, and when she agreed she would like that, he said he would make some calls to see what he could arrange for her. He's realized that Susan needs more stimulation than she can get from being a housewife.

I didn't think Timothy was so bad. Susan was keeping major secrets from him, and he knew it, and while he trusted her not to do anything wrong it was causing tension between them because of its effect on their relationship and the children.
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