Shameless (US): Cascading Failures
March 15, 2015 3:48 PM - Season 3, Episode 6 - Subscribe

The Department of Family Services (DFS) puts Fiona’s siblings in foster care.

Lip & Ian are in a group home for “D&D” (deviants and delinquents).

Carl & Liam are with an interracial gay couple who want to adopt a biracial baby like Liam. Carl tries to trick his affluent but strict foster parents into changing their mind.

Debbie is with a woman who puts up a nurturing front to the government but cracks down on the kids in private. Fiona stops by to give Debbie Hershey's kisses, and Debbie puts one on Fiona's knee.

Fiona shows up late at the grocery store and asks her boss, Bobby, to take the shift off to try to get her siblings back. Bobby refuses, and Fiona tries to blackmail him with V's video. But Bobby outsmarts Fiona: he’ll go to DFS and tell them she steals from the cash register and shows up to work high every day. Fiona knows her coworkers would back him up, to get back at her for being a free rider while they need to give more oral sex to Bobby. And Bobby makes Fiona quit so he doesn’t need to pay her unemployment benefits.

Fiona and Jimmy make up after their fight in the previous episode. They finally have the house all to themselves, but Fiona is too worried about the kids to have fun.

Frank gets Sheila to impersonate Monica at DFS, since both parents need to be present to regain custody of the kids, but Sheila is surprised to find out this will also require her to take parenting classes with Frank. Sheila takes the opportunity to try to figure out what to do with Karen, asking the instructor: "Just hypothetically, if one's teenage daughter gave birth to a baby with Down's syndrome and then took off, relieving her of all responsibility, if and when she should come back, would you recommend grounding, or ... would a firm spanking be more ...?"

Ian sneaks out of his group home to have a sleepover with Mickey. We see the roots of Mickey’s self-loathing homophobia when his dad, Jerry, barges in on them having sex, savagely beats Ian and Mickey, then forces his son at gunpoint to have sex with a woman from Russia. Mickey actually seems to get into it as he switches from the woman-on-top to man-on-top position, while Ian is disturbed as he's forced to watch.

V decides she and Kev need “a better delivery system than the turkey baster” — they’ll have a better chance if Kev actually has sex with V’s mom. Kevin and V’s mom, Carol, struggle with having sex so Carol can be a surrogate mother. But they start to get the hang of it once V helps out.

Mandy’s sister, Molly, gets taken back home by her mom. Turns out Molly just ran away and was lying about her mom dying.

Brittney Sturges, the DFS agent, walks away from her desk while suggestively telling Fiona not to click on the audio file of the anonymous call that led to the kids being taken away. Fiona fumes as she recognizes Frank's voice.
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So ... what was the point of the Molly character?
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