Girls: Daddy Issues
March 17, 2015 1:50 PM - Season 4, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Hannah has boundaries, Shosh has a cake, Marnie has an announcement, Jessa has a date, and Ray has a speech to make. Meanwhile, Tad and Elijah go shopping.
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For me, the funniest scene was dinner with Adam, Mimi-Rose, Ace, and Jessa. Especially everything that Mimi-Rose said. She's the best and I'm a little sad she probably won't be around anymore, but that was great.
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Jessa has made the show almost unwatchable for me this season, but this episode did manage to humanize her very slightly. But she really was the architect of her own demise here, given that she knew Ace was hung up on Mimi-Rose, which is why she pushed Mimi-Rose and Adam together in the first place. I just don't want to watch Jessa be a two-dimensional monster anymore.

I feel a bit like the show will let Hannah show a bit of maturity, but then all of her progress will be inexplicably erased. After showing some personal growth in walking away from Adam in "Ask Me My Name," she was back to her total lack of theory of mind with Chloe in last episode and here in her meeting with the shockingly forgiving principal, and then she was behaving much more like a rational human being as her parents overshare with her. I suppose what the episode is trying to illustrate is where these qualities in Hannah come from, but I can't help feeling like the show just resets Hannah when it has run out of ideas.

Bless Elijah, though. I wish he were in every scene to make the increasingly unbearable bits a little more bearable.
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Elijah should be in every scene, including sex scenes, in which he could just stand in the background and silently judge everyone.
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