Fringe re-watch - Season 3 and on?
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So I thought I would post here before steaming ahead to see if there is still interest in continuing with the Fringe re-watch, which has stalled at the end of Season 2. the man of twists and turns did the bulk of posting for S1 & S2, and I can totally understand wanting to pass that baton on to other(s). But it seemed like there might be some declining interest as well, though hard to tell because holidays (which was my excuse, plus being overseas). All of which is to say, shall we power on? Continue with twice a week or move to a different posting schedule? Can't remember if it was related to Fringe showing on TV somewhere because I was watching it on DVD anyway. I'm happy to take a turn at the posting, shared or otherwise.
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I fell off because of holiday craziness. So, I'd be glad to pick it back up.
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I've been very busy, but am interested in continuing...

Kinda feel like I'm alone in it though, especially towards the end of S2.
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Yeah, I definitely think participation was getting more sporadic towards the end of last year. But S3 has some really great stuff, I am sure we will get back our zing!

I'll put my hand up to do posts on Sundays (which I'll do Sunday night/Monday morning my time, so it should be there in advance of people watching on Sunday nights US time).
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Wait, Unbreakable Kimmy isn't just another sub-plot in another parallel universe?
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I love Fringe, but there have been many times in my life when two episodes a week were too much to fit in, and it's hard to catch up to that once you're off schedule. I've actually been wondering if anyone wanted to watch together at a slower pace, and comment in the threads you've been starting. It's lonely to be the person who stumbles on say, this post, a month late and wonders if anyone's still there in the conversation. As I imagine it is to post and have no one comment for forever.
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I'm happy to go with a different posting schedule, but there weren't a lot of suggestions or responses. As indeed, there are not on the posts themselves, which both the man of twists and turns and I have found to be the case. (I was abominably late with the last pair which doesn't help on the consistency front, but it doesn't help consistency to feel that no one will really notice if you don't post.)

I'm cool with people posting comments later on - that's how I started the rewatch, posting my comments on older episodes that had already been watched. Sometimes it generated more discussion, sometimes not and that was fine. My true confession is that I got frustrated earlier this year and raced ahead and have already re-watched S3 in its entirety, and have gone on to get distracted by binge-watching some other shows, so there's a certain lack of tension for me in posting regularly without much enthusiasm from others.

I figure I'll keep going as is until the end of S3 unless there's input from others to change things up, which I am happy to do. After that - well, maybe fluffy battle kitten and I can just memail each other. :)
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Yeah, the problem with two a week is that it gets intimidating to catch up pretty quickly, which I didn't realize back when I suggested it as an alternative to my original once a week request. At this point though, I think whatever speed you go at I'm unlikely to catch up unless you take a break for a bit. So you might as well have fun; I'll try to be along later and say something.
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I don't care about the posting schedule. My bad habit of binge watching keeps biting me in the ass on this one. So I usually end up having to go back and review eps anyhow. It's all good - I'm a nerd like that.
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