Shameless (US): Killer Carl   Rewatch 
July 1, 2014 6:10 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Carl’s school is going to expel him unless the administrators can speak with one of his parents — and Frank claims he has moral grounds for refusing to go to school.

Kash’s wife, Linda, starts complaining about the lost inventory in their store.

Frank is being hunted down by two men he owes $6,000. He keeps evading them, including with a skateboard move taken from Back to the Future.

Most of this episode is about people getting in trouble. As a contrast, Karen, her mom, and “Daddy Frank” are all delighted with Karen’s positive evaluation, though Sheila failed to have the “breakthrough” she had hoped would have let her go to school and hear it in person. Foreshadowing: At parent-teacher night, Frank plays the role of the father with inappropriate passion, telling Karen’s teacher he used to help her with flash cards — “pounding … pounding … pounding … relentlessly!”

Frank's kids catch him in school — being there for Karen, when he wasn't willing to save his own son from being expelled. Fiona & Steve's attempt at a "Norman Rockwell" display fails to impress the school administrators, so Steve pulls off some ingenious bribery.

More foreshadowing: Karen threatens to kill Eddie in his sleep.

A professor/investigator catches Lip taking tests for other students, and tells Lip never to do it again — but also has some educational opportunities to offer Lip. When one of Lip’s clients realizes his test score will be invalidated, he tracks down Lip and hangs him out the second-story window. And Carl’s violent tendencies save the day!

(Shameless Wiki.)
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