Broad City: St. Mark's
March 19, 2015 12:41 AM - Season 2, Episode 10 - Subscribe

A runaway teen disrupts the girls' celebration of Ilana's 23rd birthday by leading them on a chase.
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It was nice to end the season with an episode that was mostly Abbi and Ilana just hanging out and being friends.

Loved the Aidy Bryant/That Other Guy appearance in the dumpling place. We've all had that happen, an experience ruined by running into someone you really would rather avoid. Well worth a glass of $30.00 wine to get out of there.

Patricia Clarkson. Man. Everything I've ever seen her do is just wonderful. Loved the expressions on the faces at the dinner table as she flew into her drunken rage.

Nice ending, just the two of them discussion what they're proud of and what their plans are. "I was proud of that time I saw something and said something..."

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Ditto Patricia Clarkson being amazing.

The AV Club recap talks a lot about what a relief this show is: to know that Abbi and Ilana's friendship is solid as bedrock, and at its most hilarious when they are together. Which I absolutely agree with (although I also really, really love Hannibal Buress).

It was a small moment, but something I really loved was that Ilana not only asked Abbi the same birthday questions Abbi had asked her (even though it wasn't Abbi's birthday), but after Abbi answered part one, Ilana asked her about part two. It makes me really happy how much these two characters actually listen to each other (when not listening on most comedies drives about 80% of the jokes) and care about what the other one says.
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This episode was totally charming and wonderful. So many thoughts. I wish we could live blog this show.

Agree with all of the above about how refreshing this show is in terms of it being about a solid healthy friendship. So much yes.

Ilana looked gorgeous and really different in that wig.
Tree man.
I loved how varied the episode was with ups and downs. Shitty stuff happens but we do our best to resolve it.
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I haven't even watched this episode yet but I came to FanFare to read the comments because I'm just that excited about it. I finally marathoned the entire pre-Comedy Central web series last night, so I'm looking especially forward to this series finale, as I hear there are a ton of throwbacks to YouTube-era BC. YASS, QUEEN.

PS, I reeeeeally can't wait to see the context for this incredible GIF (lifted from the recap): Smile!
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I also enjoyed this fast paced episode a lot (minus the masturbation scene in the restaurant. Boy, those wannabe rebel actors are tiresome. All the shocking things have already been done on stage, so just relax, will ya?!).

Can't wait for Abbi & Ilana in season 3!
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PS, I reeeeeally can't wait to see the context for this incredible GIF (lifted from the recap): Smile!

I'll admit, I immediately thought of Metafilter after that scene.
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