House of Cards: Chapter 36
March 19, 2015 9:00 AM - Season 3, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Frank needs to deals with Petrov one on one while Claire tries to preserve the peacekeeping mission. Sacrifices will be made.

Frank is starting to get hit hard about the Jordan Valley while campaigning. Israel has established a no-fly zone solely for the Russians. Petrov declares his intent to fly and join his troops in the Jordan Valley. Frank decides to be equally direct and also fly to the Jordan Valley to talk things out.

Claire discovers that Russian Ambassador Moryakov is being recalled. She and Frank discuss his decision. She thinks it's a bad one since Petrov will gain all leverage and that Frank shouldn't let the campaign dictate foreign policy and that he should have more patience and faith in the UN diplomacy tactic. Frank thinks that his campaign is dead if the Jordan Valley gets any worse and that diplomacy has failed. He obviously puts a lot more trust in himself and Petrov working something out than in her at the moment. Claire wants to make a decision as a team but Frank stands firm and leaves DC.

Frank gets a call from Tim Corbet, one of Frank's Sentinel classmates from way back in season 1. Tim informs Frank that Tom contacted him about the book. While he's waiting for Frank, Claire asks Tom about the book. Tom thinks Claire is a big part of how Frank is (which is true) and tells her what Frank thinks of her (that he doesn't deserve her and that she put him in the White House) and asks for a time to meet. Claire visibly softens hearing what Frank thinks of her but doesn't agree to Tom's request.

Frank meets Petrov face to face. They agree to terms but Petrov has one final, non-neogtiable condition - that Claire step down as ambassador. Frank mightily protests but Petrov makes a convincing case that Moryakov manipulated Claire into thinking the Russians killed their own men so that the US would do something to escalate the situation. There's a whole monologue about how Petrov is able to kill a man with his own hands and whether Frank is capable, but ultimately, Claire is the ultimate power play Petrov can pull on Frank.

Doug's brother is back in town to help and it seems to be working. Doug actually chills out enough to invite his family to DC and seems to be able to connect to the kids in a non-creepy fashion. Doug and his brother have a talk about what freedom really is and Doug looks like he might reconsider his former life.

Remy apologizes to Jackie for the kiss and they admit to each other how hard their breakup was. Jackie starts to have doubts about the White House while her husband tells her that politics is life and death for her.

Gavin meets up with Lisa and confesses that he lied to her and tries to give her Doug's name but she asks him to leave. He does but leaves Cashew with her.

Frank comes home and tells Claire about Petrov's condition. He parrots Petrov's words and Claire sees right through it and agrees to resign. Frank admits that he was wrong and that he shouldn't have gone but Claire simply states it was his decision, not hers.

Tom gets a late night text from Frank. He arrives at the White House to a slightly drunk Frank. They initially talk about the Sentinel but Tom admits he was the one who turned tricks and talks about how it mostly ended up listening to people's stories and how he became addicted to it. Frank tells Tom that he betrayed Claire. Tom claims to ask as a friend with some more-than-friendly hand holding. Frank asks whether they really are friends and Tom says they could pretend to be, which is obviously the wrong answer. Tom makes a last ditch attempt but Frank sends him home.

The episode ends with Claire deciding which hair style and color to have for the campaign.
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I felt the way Claire received this news and how Frank delivered it so cautiously is so unlike them. (Of course, this entire season feels like fan fiction). Claire and Frank are ruthless, even and especially with each other, to get to the great goal. Frank has killed legislation that disrupted Claire's NPO approach and promises, and it was done to accomplish the greater goal. Despite Claire being annoyed, it didn't feel like a betrayal in the same way they're treating it here. The goal is get and keep the White House. That is the primary directive, anything that hurts that must be brushed aside. (or at least, that's what we were led to believe in season 1 and 2). For Claire to feel betrayed because and for Frank to feel guilty seems, so off putting. S1 and S2 Underwoods would regret that Claire had to resign, but would start planning their next seventeen moves that very moment.

Of course, this is no public shaming of a foreign leader - so I guess we have that.
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I feel like Frank and Petrov deserve these after that meeting in the desert.
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I was hoping for a Meechum-Tom-Frank threeway, but guess not.
posted by computech_apolloniajames at 6:41 AM on March 21, 2015 [3 favorites]

That was my guess (hope? I don't even know anymore!) too, computech.
posted by iamkimiam at 5:03 PM on April 3, 2015

That is the worst way to cut a pomegranate.
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I suppose I should feel glad that the guinea pig isn't going to be at risk of being stomped on by any jerk FBI agents any longer, and also that Claire is going to be blond again. I'm with the focus groups -- I like the blond colour better on her.

I'm still not sure I'm buying that Rachel is dead.
posted by orange swan at 8:03 PM on November 3, 2016

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