Utopia (2013): Utopia: Episode #1.3   Rewatch 
July 3, 2014 11:38 AM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

The Network brings its power to bear to frame one of the group for a horrific crime. Meanwhile, Dugdale begins to uncover the seeds of a vast conspiracy.

Note to any new viewers: This episode begins with a brutal, real time school shooting.

Grant is on the run with the manuscript for Part 2 of The Utopia Experiments, the Network sends Arby to murder a half dozen people at his school and frame him for it. Arby coldly slaughters teachers and children until he encounters a boy holding the same raisins he compulsively eats, prompting a spark of curiosity about his own origins.

Jessica takes Grant to the scene of her own father's slaying, then they go to try and recover the manuscript from Alice. A shocking tragedy results and Grant, Jessica and Alice are forced to flee after handing over the manuscript to Arby.

The threads of the conspiracy begin to knit together as the group meets their apparent ally Mrs Milner, a rogue MI5 agent. She explains the apparent racial purity mission of the Network, the existence of a deadly, anonymous mastermind known as 'Mr Rabbit' and the identity and beliefs of Jessica's father, Phillip Carvel.

Meanwhile, civil servant Dugdale bluffs his way onto the Shetland Islands after a tipoff from a food scientist named Donaldson. What was supposed to be the site of a deadly outbreak of Russian Flu, the disease that Dugdale was blackmailed into procuring millions of doses of vaccine for, appears to be something quite different. He steals a sample of one of the bodies and escapes.
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Don't forget, this is a rewatch in anticipation of Season 2. The Utopia Twitter account has announced the start date as a double bill on the 14th and 15th of July.
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