12 Monkeys: Shonin
March 28, 2015 5:42 AM - Season 1, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Ramse arrives in 1987 Tokyo. Cole arrives in 1987 Tokyo. Leland Goines arrives in 1987 Tokyo. A 1000-year-old corpse arrives in 1987 Tokyo. Ramse exploits his insider knowledge of the future. In 2015, Jennifer takes a bath. Back in 2043, Whitley gives Jones some bad news. They have drinks.
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Side note: I kind of wish they'd explain how, when sending a person through time, they also manage to conveniently land them safely in any given physical space. Like Ramse and Cole appearing in a narrow Tokyo alley, filled with dumpsters and bums. It would seem highly probable that a traveler could just as easily materialize inside a brick wall or in the middle of a busy highway. I kind of doubt the 2043 crowd have detailed maps of any given area at any given point in time. just some hand-wavey, pseudo-quantum gibberish will do.
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I was pretty happy with this episode. It finally filled in all of the gaps in the narrative so now we know a bit more about why the bad guys have been doing what they've been doing all along.

I didn't like the version of 1987 Tokyo, the music and that nightclub felt off to me, and then trotting out the corpsething in the middle of the nightclub. I know, it's a minor quibble. Setting that all in a room in a hotel would have probably made it look like a bad outtake from Johnny Mnemonic.

In fact, I appreciated the economy they brought to it. I know these Syfy shows are fairly low budget affairs, and they made a pretty epic tale for this episode.
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I wonder if Jones is going to send herself back, since the splinter project seems to have fallen apart.
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Funny how Ramse doesn't appear to age at all in 28 years. OK, with the shaved head you've taken away two of the major cues (hair graying and/or loss), but you'd think he'd have at least a few wrinkles or something.

Still, I like the general idea here and what this episode adds to the overall plot.
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