12 Monkeys: Arms of Mine
April 11, 2015 4:19 AM - Season 1, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Cole and Cassie meet with Aaron. Jennifer speaks to the shareholders. Katerina has visitors. Cole and Ramse reunite. Cassie needs to see the closest doctor. Jennifer plans a trip. Oh, and we meet the 12. That's it until 2016!
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That's it until 2016!

Can't they just send a DVD of next season back to 2015 for us? People in the future are so selfish.
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I have to say, the opening scene really surprised me. Not so much that Cole was beating the crap out of Aaron, because, well, it's Cole. It's that Cassie stood by and allowed it to happen. I guess when she's done with a guy, she's really done.

So, I guess we're supposed to assume that Jennifer is flying off to spread the plague. I'm a little fuzzy as to what her motivation for killing-off most of humanity is, though. Yeah, I know...crazy is as crazy does. Still...I was always under the impression she was against letting the plague happen. To be honest, though, I got a little confused during the last half of the season, so I may have missed a key turning point.

It looks like those silver-ish 12 guys have some kind of mental super-power or something? They seem to be able to cloud a person's mind while they silently attack.
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I thought those 12 guys were really into wearing sunblock!

I don't know where they'll take this show, but I trust it enough at this point to give the second season a watch when it rolls round. I really hope they have a lot of overlapping timeline-wise with season one, enough do really satisfy the fans.
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I binged the season in the background while playing DCSS.

Was pleasantly surprised by the show; but they went absolutely crazy pants time-revising - great stuff! Reminded me little of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, although the timeline turning into a hot slurry mess is more reminiscent of Genisys (or whatever it was called).

Have no idea which direction the .... ooh, second season already started last month.
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