Last Man on Earth: The Do-Over
April 12, 2015 10:08 PM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Phil gets a second chance from God. Guess how well that goes. Okay, FINE, I'm doing this bitchcap for you guys....

Phil is still hating married life, Carol's CPAP (what the hell is running that, anyway?), Carol painting animals on top of Monet and Van Gogh, moving his porn mags to the garage and handing him a breast self-exam pamphlet instead, etc. She in turn wants him to lay off using the "company" soap. He says to add it to the grievance board, which is already covered in complaints about him. Why the hell does she want to live with him anyway? Because we're married!

I attempted to write down what I spotted on the grievance board: clean the cow, clean the toilet pool, stop driving on lawns, stop peeing on grass, get new shoes.

After Carol sends Phil to get groceries, he gets them all and then is lighting them on fire (I guess it's been a few weeks since Phil set something on fire) and screaming at God for doing this to him, letting him think Carol was the last woman on earth, etc. He says he just wants a do-over when... TWO MORE HOT WOMEN SHOW UP! Gail (played by Mary Steenbergen) and Erica (by Cleopatra Coleman) are delighted to have found the "Alive in Tucson" guy. Is he alone?

...yes, he's totally alone!

He follows the ladies over to their new home, where they drink champagne and discuss how he's into girls. Erica spots his wedding ring, but the girls decide they won't bug him about this. Phil tells them he needs to leave for a bit, but will be back for dinner.

Phil picks up everything that Carol wanted after all, even hotel sundries. She jokes that he was meeting a mistress, but says he was really finding his smile (a la City Slickers) while he was having alone time. Phil suggests that he go camping alone tonight and Carol is all for it.

In O'Rozco's, Phil talks to his ball boys about how he knows it's dicey, but God and Carol have totally given him permission ! He can totally be a better husband to her if he lives a double life! Please, balls, speak up if you think I'm making a bad decision!

Phil and the girls all dress up for dinner, and he picks out a new last name, Cormaneau. Gail makes amazing food, such as Butterfinger cookie ball truffles (not raisinballs!). Who the heck would make raisinballs, Gail asks?

Well, Carol, who's making them again for Todd and Melissa. Melissa is suspicious of Phil's alone time and grumbles, "God, Todd, are you in love with Phil? It seems like it sometimes." Todd thinks she's hard on him. She doesn't trust him, then apologizes to Carol. "How much trouble can he get in?" Carol says.

Cut to the threesome having a tequila party. They're relieved that the last man on earth is cute and fun. A drunk Phil says whatever wandered through his brain: "hot older lady, black girl, yes, please, don't mind if I do?" They are all offended at his "bucket list." Phil just can't even talk. "Wow. This sure took a turn," Gail said. Phil changes the subject and confesses the truth about his wife. He nursed her through a long, slow death. he cries crocodile tears and the girls are here for him!

Sure, he does some weird stuff at times, but his heart's in the right place, Carol says.

Let's all go skinny dipping in the hot springs! Gail says. Let's all go to the party store and do something nice for Phil, Todd says. Two cars meet in the desert. Everyone but Phil gets out and hugs. Hey, let's go meet that guy without pants in the back of our car...wait, you know him? Surprise....
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"hot older lady, black girl, yes, please, ..."

is when we turned off the episode and I wonder if we'll ever get back. (We literally didn't even finish the Phil's sentence.) Not because we were offended or even because the main character of the show is so damn unlikeable. (I actually think the latter is pretty great.) But because we hit our "cringe-worthy" limit and just could not deal anymore for one more second. (But thanks for letting me know how the episode turned out.)
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Why do I even watch this shit?
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VOICEOVER: In every generation...

[Shot of Phil driving through the desert]

VO: There comes a television event...

[Shot of Phil sitting on the diving board, pants around his ankles

VO: That brings people together...

[Shot of the two cars of survivors meeting]

VO: And makes us realize...

[Flash cuts of Phil remarking about a hot older lady and a black girl, Phil fake-sobbing to Carol, Phil blathering on to Melissa about THE FATS, each shot dissolving in a flash of light]

VO: A great premise has been wasted.

[Fade to black.]

VO: Join us as we stop watching this truly horrible show. Sundays on FOX.
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I liked Carol's paintings.
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I can't even. If you're going to create a world where there are no societal conventions and pressures any more, why immediately sabotage that by making the central plot point a now antiquated societal convention!?!?!
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I guess I have a weird sense of humour, I love this show. Phil is so stupid!!!
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