Gotham: Beasts of Prey
April 14, 2015 8:02 PM - Season 1, Episode 19 - Subscribe

Kid detectives go to a shooting gallery and steal some junk. Adult detectives go on a wild goose chase and find an ogre. A penguin buys a bar, while a fish flies.

This show is back after another strange-ass hiatus. Sorry if I'm stealing anyone's thunder, but I was hoping to talk about the show and hadn't seen the new post. It looks like it's back to its regular schedule for the remaining three episodes.
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posted by ktkt at 9:57 PM on April 14, 2015

This whole episode was 50 shades of meh.
posted by Catblack at 2:06 AM on April 15, 2015

After binge-watching Daredevil, this whole show is 'meh' to me.
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I thought it was OK. How many times can you see Harvey and Gordon go after a fairly generic serial killer (my guess is a lot more)? The Bruce and Selina stuff was a little more interesting. Having Selina turn into a killer is an interesting turn for the character. I'm pretty sick of Fish at this point, but I can't imagine that gun shot was her being killed off. The Penguin stuff may as well have not existed at all. So, yeah, pretty meh, especially in comparison to Daredevil.
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Still loving this show. Fish plots can be pretty nutso, but hey -- this is a show based on larger than life characters. PS -- I knew the uni that brought the case to Gordon was a setup.
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I kinda liked this episode. I like how they've kept Fish around and put her in an interesting scenario where she gets to be badass in new and interesting ways. And I thought BatBoy and KittenGirl's escapade was well done, it emphasized how he's really still a child. (Although her shove at the end seemed a bit much and out of character.)

Maybe Gordon will get murdered by Serial Killer #17 and this show can become the Penguin show?
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I thought the shove was a perfect and very important development point. Selina saw that Bruce wasn't going to be able to do what had to be done, and it had the potential to work out very badly for him. Selina did what she did because she cares about Bruce. But it also means she's now a murderer, and you know this won't be the last we hear about it.
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