Welcome to Night Vale: 66 - worms...
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The worms have returned to Night Vale. Plus a new Book Club in town, spring Little League baseball tryouts, and an update on the search for two fugitives.

The voice of the Faceless Old Woman was Mara Wilson.

Weather: "Little Black Star" by Hurray for the Riff Raff


Children new to organized baseball will be assigned teams automatically, based entirely on their personal dispositions. That way there’s a whole team of courageous players, a whole team of clever players, one of conniving selfish players, and one that…takes all the rest of the players. Just like the four Major League Baseball teams.
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Half of me is becoming steadily more embarrassed at the rapidity and quantity of my comments on Night Vale FanFare threads. This is a level of enthusiasm that's probably more appropriate in a teenager and not a fully-grown woman with two advanced degrees.

Half of me is still amazed at how, from the second Station Management showed up at the door, I knew that the tension would build until the weather, and then be resolved safely and happily immediately afterward, and I was STILL gripping the steering wheel and leaning into the dash, thinking "OPEN IT OPEN IT GOOD LORD I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS" during my morning commute-and-podcast this morning.

And half of me wants to be on the Hufflepuff baseball team.
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So what will they do next episode? Substitute host? Cecil sends dispatches from the dog park? Kevin shows up?
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I vote for Kevin!!!!!!!!
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Me too!!!!!!
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I took the colleague/acquaintance/nemesis in the desert otherworld that Cecil mentioned to be Kevin. So I'm guessing that the next episode will be a guest host, but not Kevin. But if Kevin does show up in Night Vale again, Smiling God help him if he runs into Steve Carlsberg.
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Kevin was the last message from the Voicemail episode, and Cecil did allude to a couple other messages as well.
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Just occurred to me that Deb, the sentient patch of haze, would be an interesting guest host.

But also, if Night Vale occurs more-or-less in real time, Cecil might be back from his vacation by the next episode.
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if Night Vale occurs more-or-less in real time

I have often wondered about such meta-questions as this. Does Cecil have a radio show that airs every 2 weeks? Or are these the specific shows that we the audience are given to listen to? Maybe he broadcasts every week or every day.

I do assume that this bit of time at least works the same way as time everywhere else, considering Cecil's knowledge that Carlos had been in town for one year in "One Year Later".

But more importantly - no one has ever come BACK from the dog park. People get in just fine, but they always come back via other means, like the old oak doors or the lighthouse up on the mountain. So I would be surprised to hear Cecil back in only 2 weeks . . .
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I finally listened to this one today. Oh, Cecil. Oh, Dana. Oh, Night Vale.

(My assumption has been that the episodes we get to listen to are probably a small subset of those broadcast in Night Vale. [The other major possibility was that there are no broadcasts, and Cecil is just talking to himself, but the format-breaking episodes make that much less likely.])
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Just encountered some evidence that WTNV does occur, roughly, in real time. In one of Carlos's messages in "Voicemail," he reports that he has found some citizens of Night Vale in the desert otherworld who have been lost there "as of today, for exactly two years." In a later message in that episode, Carlos reports that they are people who were lured into the Dog Park during Poetry Week. In fact, that's what leads Carlos to conclude that the desert otherworld is the Dog Park.

"Poetry Week" and "Voicemail" were released exactly two years apart, on April 1, 2013, and April 1, 2015, respectively.
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