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April 20, 2015 12:20 PM - Season 2, Episode 5 - Subscribe

While spending an evening on the town (well, Camden), Tim and Daisy run afoul of some young hooligans (Lee Ingleby and Adam Deacon) who accuse them of substituting oregano for marijuana. Meanwhile, Tim's nemesis Duane Benzie steals Tim's house keys in an act of revenge for the paintball incident. Daisy saves the day when she leverages her newfound knowledge of masculine telepathy.

A night out! Yeeesssss!

Originally aired 30 March 2001.

"What happened to the pillock ? I married him in '69."
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The pantomime gun battle. Brilliant.

Here's an old Japanese video where they tested the theory in public.
posted by cazoo at 12:39 PM on April 20, 2015 [3 favorites]

The gun battle is one of the best signature moments of the show. It had never occurred to me that this wad true, but, yes, it is utterly true.
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This is probably my favourite episode. I love how it's primarily about two friends getting a bit drunk in town, and then climaxes in that terrific gun battle. It's quintessential Spaced, in that it, like the clubbing episode, manages to capture a moment in life that feels extremely real, while at the same time being very silly.
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I adore this one. And I think it's a great example of how the "climactic scene--pause--X HOURS EARLIER..." structure can actually work very well. Not just because this one was made well before a lot of other shows picked it up and made it feel cliche--but also because the structure here has a function. We think one thing about the climax in the beginning, and then by the time we get back around to it, it's been recontextualized.

That seems very different to me than so many other uses where they work their way back to the exact same climax, where there's been nothing new introduced or recontextualized (Hannibal, for instance--as much as I like that show, the only thing their use of this trope did was say "welp, I guess Jack's gonna find out, then", and then we work our way back to the climax, and yep, it means just what we thought it meant.).
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This episode made it so that for the last decade plus, when cooking, I burble like Daisy's Jamie Oliver impression. And I cannot use oregano without saying to no one in particular, "O-REH-gano, ore-GAH-no to you..."
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Even just mentioning Daisy's cooking-show patter made me go rewatch that scene on YouTube. "You can have it in a can have it in a thausage thamwidge, anything you like..."
posted by theatro at 10:33 AM on April 21, 2015

It's great that even though the panto bit is done twice, it isn't boring, doesn't feel repetitive.

Great stew, Daisy.
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