Arrested Development: Visiting Ours   Rewatch 
July 11, 2014 10:17 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

After receiving a tip about Bluth's international accounts, Michael uses Gob to get information out of George Sr.'s secretary.

Tobias and Lindsay seek marital guidance from Dr. Phil Gunty, ably played by longtime David Cross collaborator and comedy legend Bob Odenkirk. George Sr. admits to having possibly committed some, uh ... light ... treason, and G.O.B. writes a strongly worded letter—with sexy results.
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George Michael: "Is [Prison] scary?"
Michael: "Scary? No! No, it's the opposite of scary—it's like a carnival!—Without the half-person on the skateboard who grabbed your knee to steady himself."

Nevernude might be the best thing about this glorious show. So much about Tobias is cringe-inducing and funny, but nevernude is simply hilarious.

Bob Odenkirk wants to be an actor too!

"Hugs gotta end sometime. Obviously."
Michael Cera is really starting to shine.
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He said some wonderful things.

I don't know if this was planned, but here's a bit I love. Gob is disgusted by the idea of his parents having sex. When Lucille & George are getting intimate, Lucille calls George her "bear" and he replies that he wants some honey. Then, in a later episode when the family thinks George has died in the hospital, Gob calls his father Old Bear and talks about how he loved the honey.
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I would certainly hope that when he said that to honor his father GOB was indeed recalling what he saw and heard through that screened window while being handcuffed by the Warden. I imagine that experience stuck with him.

I wrote 'stuck with him' pretty offhandedly but now that I see it I realize that GOB and Lindsey and George and Lucille (and some other characters I'm forgetting) can only really indulge themselves/exist at all by letting reality slide right off their backs. They wiggle and contort and slather themselves in various things to avoid coming into contact with reality as we, the audience, know and understand it. Michael has some insight to that reality, but he's stuck in their universe.

Anyway, when I was watching this episode it stood out to me how offended GOB was at the idea of his parents having sex. It really seemed to stick with him like a lot of weird and crazy shit in his life didn't. Makes sense then that that one thing would continue through to his father's funeral.

FanFare is better than Saturday morning cartoons, yo.
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I never caught that particular reference but then ... I have a sense of propriety. What's wrong with you!
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Oh yeah, bjrn I totally think that was planned....that was another reference I missed the first time around but caught on a (previous, one of many) rewatch.
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The birth of a running joke — George: Daddy horny, Michael!

I like the humor that comes from family members not listening to each other (you could probably find many examples of this theme):

Michael: When was the last time you visited Dad in prison?
Lucille: I’ve never been.
Michael (overlapping, confrontational): Then why does he tell me you’ve never been?
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Let's just get that hair right back up.
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