A Cast of Kings - A Game of Thrones Podcast: A Cast of Kings S5E03 – High Sparrow
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In this episode of “A Cast of Kings,” Joanna and David discuss the third episode of Season 5 of Game of Thrones, “High Sparrow.”
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"Tommen - livin' the dream..." :D

"That's not just you, JoannaRobinsonfromVanityFair..." ah, he got one in there.

Here's the promo Joanna referred to: BBC Sport Six Nations Game of Thrones opening sequence (YouTube). Jonathan Pryce narration and very cool GoT-inspired visuals.

I found the jerky movement of The Mountain a little too extreme and cartoonish to be frightening - and it reminded me of "Young Frankenstein" - however Joanna & the Chensky loved it. (The timing was good though, as your expectations rise the longer the shot is held.)
posted by joseph conrad is fully awesome at 11:52 AM on May 1, 2015

I am enjoying this podcast as I catch up with the series.

Not sure why - did they miss the fact that Janus Slynt beheaded Ned Stark in their discussion of beheadings?
posted by bq at 8:03 PM on May 14, 2015

No they did not as Ned was beheaded by Ilan Payne.
posted by bq at 7:16 AM on May 18, 2015

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