Elementary: The Best Way Out Is Always Through
May 1, 2015 6:47 PM - Season 3, Episode 22 - Subscribe

After a judge is murdered, Holmes and Watson must find the top suspect, an escaped convict; Holmes causes problems for Detective Bell after he uses deductive reasoning on Bell's new relationship.
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Was incredibly grossed out by Watson's whole "IA jams up good cops" line and Bell's whole bar scene, watching this the same night that the actual NYPD were shutting down protesters in Union Square. I really wish the series had found some other hook for the procedural aspect of the show than consulting for the NYPD every damn week, or at least didn't have Watson spout that kind of rah-rah-cops propaganda.

The Stanley Cup runner was cute, the Bell/Sherlock scenes were nice, and at least Sherlock was anti for-profit-prisons, but holy fuck the anti-IA stuff was stomach-turning.
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The IA stuff was disturbingly one-sided, yes.
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The IA stuff was like it was out of some 90s cop show. I feel like modern day procedurals just have not caught up with how the cultural narrative is slowly shifting to recognize the toxicity of police culture. Over the past couple years, I've slowly shed almost all of the cop shows I used to watch and I haven't bothered to check out any new cop shows, in large part thanks to my discomfort with valorizing the police. The only procedural I watch now is Elementary, and the only other cop show I watch is Brooklyn Nine Nine. So yeah, the IA was gross. I can get it from Bell's perspective insofar as I can understand how the situation might feel like a breach of trust to him.

That said, I am in it for the relationships in this show, and I was thrilled to see Sherlock and Bell bonding. Sherlock's little speech to Bell was kind of hilariously narcissistic, but well meant. I love that now Sherlock has seen the light re the power of friendship, he's trying to make sure the people around him aren't lonely either.
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i love sherlock's adorable steps into friendship.

the lawyer advocate had an amazing voice.

i nearly spewed whiskey everywhere when sherlock said the thing about moriarty.

the ia stuff sucked, but otherwise i enjoyed the episode, although i wish we had gotten tiny hints about the relationship for the last few episodes. i liked how they pulled absolutely no punches about the evils of privatized prisons, and how they can incentivize horrible abuses that weren't even conceived of.
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