Murder, She Wrote: When Thieves Fall Out   Rewatch 
May 5, 2015 7:35 AM - Season 4, Episode 2 - Subscribe

There's a shadow or two over Coach Kevin Cauldwell's retirement party, and it all goes back to his dream team of '66. Bill Hampton fires Dan Pulling from his job at Bill's car dealership for being drunk on the job, and then there's that mysterious ghost from 20 years ago, insinuating that Bill had something to do in the murder in Shawmut. Can Jessica sort it out before more people get hurt?

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Liked this one. Quite a few solve an old murder episodes and it worked for me...
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The Durbin character has a level of intensity I don't think we often see on M,SW. He was kind of terrifying? And rightly so: I'd be mad, too, if I spent 20 years in the clink for a crime I didn't commit. But he had this whole zen-revenge thing going that was quite chilling.

That said, the real star of the show was the fashion, again! I was in middle school when this episode aired and I'm pretty sure I had the same high-necked pastel pink top and pale blue long denim skirt outfit Bill's wife was wearing. The one that was super cute back then but now looks like Amish athletic wear. Oh, and one of her belts, that was pointy in the front and fastened in the back... I loved those!

The whole setup of the episode reminded me quite a lot of That Championship Season: An aging coach, his four prized athletes, the small town, the bravado of those glory days held up like a fading cheer despite them growing older and growing apart, and of course The Terrible Secret.

I am continually amazed by Cabot Cove real estate. There are mansions there!
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I am continually amazed by Cabot Cove real estate. There are mansions there!

Cabot Cove pretty much had everything. Jessica didn't even need a car: everything was within biking distance. People in big cities don't even have that. If it weren't for the wacky murder rate, that was the place to be!
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I like John Glover and agree he played the innocent yet aggrieved role well.
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