The Amazing Race: In It To Win It
May 9, 2015 4:55 AM - Season 26, Episode 11 - Subscribe

4 teams travel through Peru on a race around the world.

This leg featured a fantastic 2 mile long mosaic, reed boats, brick-making, a clown with clues, dancing, a dead cab, shimmying, lots of scenic horses, flower pieces for the hair, cool castanets, much ado about blisters, a detour switch, awesome hats, unorthodox techniques, and no one being eliminated at the pit stop.

Phil will be eliminating someone mid-leg next week.

No one thinks Mike and Rochelle can win - except Mike and Rochelle.
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I like the four team finale because a lot of finales end up not being very competitive. One team has cab trouble, another messes up a challenge and the producers try desperately to hide the fact that the winning team was an hour ahead. So with more teams at the end you have a better chance for real tension about who will win.

But having 4 out of 12 episodes be non-elimination is too many. Have an extra team and stop making the final four a surprise. I also don't really like the mid-leg elimination either, except last time it was used on the pro-wrestlers and I was happy to see them go.
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Hah, I forgot all about the wrestlers until you mentioned them, but now that you have, I remember them being so cocky that we'd remember their names in any case (somehow making them winners, I guess). Nope.
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Yeah, when I hear Amazing Race and wrestlers, I still think of Lori and Bolo first.

Haley and Blair have really settled into a brother-sister thing and it's kind of cute. This has been a great dating site video for Blair: cute dr with a nice bod, lives on a sailboat, athletic, speaks enough Spanish to get by, dry sense of humor, and super-patient.
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That clown was punchable.
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