Roderick on the Line: Ep. 154: "West Coast Noncommittal"
May 13, 2015 11:49 AM - Subscribe

The Problem: Marlon Brando was waiting in the bushes.

This episode was almost 2 hours long! I didn't get a full "outline" of the topics, but John and Merlin had a deep, interesting, and insightful discussion around language, communication, a bunch of other things; the last 30 minutes focused on politics, John's campaign, and insights he's gained as he runs for City Council.

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This was a great episode. I loved the arc that starts with the pronunciation of "aunt" and ends with the question of what it means to listen to someone. It was also interesting to hear John, who in recent pre-campaign episodes talked about how much he admires people like Elon Musk, now pondering how to make rich people contribute to society in less exciting ways.
posted by maskd at 2:21 PM on May 13, 2015

I was really happy they spent so much time this episode talking about empathy; the crusade I've adopted in my own life is to do my damnedest to make whatever workplace, organization, etc. that I may be involved with a little more humane and empathetic, for all the reasons that they talk about here. It's something that's just not generally treated as a value and it really should be.
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