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Jack and his team cover the truth about the disappearance of Freddie Lounds.

A fresh post for the rewatch, so that people going through the first time can see the other thread with less concern about spoilers for 12 and 13.

As usual, the script is available. I don't have time today to work this into something more coherent, so here's some scattered thoughts had while rewatching the episode:

"Freddie won't rise from the ashes but her killer Will." ... HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THE FUCKING PUN.

Will does so much mirroring on this show, but then puts on this show for Alana when she comes to see him before he gives her the gun. I can't quite figure out who he is there. He's not the Will he presents to Hannibal. He's not how he was in the scene where everyone was talking about the corpse of "Freddie." It almost feels like he's channeling unstable-season-1 Will (sweaty shirt and bad dreams!) with a dash of Peter Bernadorne.

I will seriously never tire of watching Hannibal be SO DANG ANNOYED with Mason. Only Will's pretty enough to be allowed to leave his coat on the couch! Watching it this time, it occurred to me is that half of it is the way Mads absolutely bristles, and the other half of it is Mason very clearly picking up on it and choosing to not give a single, solitary fuck.

The script notes that it hurts Will to "maintain his cover" at the funeral for "Freddie" with Alana. DUN DUN DUN. (Though of course that it's a cover is revealed later to the audience.)

Will says "I would be a good father." The script says, as you can see on screen, "Hannibal smiles warmly. He imagines Will would." Yes. Yes, he does.


Alana's pseudo-impression of Will at the start of the Shiva scene is... kind of endearing as she puts together the nature of Will and Hannibal's relationship.

That mirror shot of Will when he's talking to Hannibal while they're talking about God is such an incredibly interesting choice. I've had a few different thoughts about why they did that, and imagine all of them are at least to some degree true.

I liked that the show edges up to the line of doing that TV cliche where you shoot someone in a car in profile so the audience can see the t-bone coming, but then keeps the camera moving past profile, and only then does the crash.

Alana was right that Jack is going to lose. So's she. So are they all. :(

This the second time Will aims a psychopath at Hannibal. It... doesn't work out this time either.

Final note: I'm going to post 12 on Tuesday and 13 the following Tuesday. I want to give us (and selfishly, myself most of all) a couple days to sit with the finale before the new season starts up. SEASON 3 IS NIGH.
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Who he's being? I think he's pantomiming the psycho killer she wants him to be, same as he was pantomiming the sobbing mess who needed her help, which she wanted to see in episode 2. In that episode, she was looking at him with pity, but also puzzlement: now that she has what she wants it doesn't quite fit, does it?

He's also mirroring her childishness back at her, since she's acting like a little kid - she does everything but literally spit at him, she's hissing and p-ing her plosives so much. If he went "I'm a psycho kill-er, nyah nyah n'nyah nyah!" at her, it really wouldn't be too far out of place.

Then he hands her this seemingly enormous gun, and she stands there holding it dangling in both hands like he'd given her a 5kg bag of potatoes. She stares at it like she doesn't know what it is. But he's successfully impressed upon her that there is actual danger, and that this time it isn't just going to slide off her and onto other people. She's come alone and unarmed AGAIN to his house in the middle of nowhere AGAIN, sent her dog on a playdate with his dogs, and the purpose is to tell him he's a psycho killer? He can't tell her anything concrete but he can tell her to start acting like lives are at stake.

So much packed into that conversation. He's the second person in a short time to imply to Alana that he thinks less of her for dating Hannibal. If Freddie hadn't said it first the threat wouldn't have had the impact it did, because Freddie has the power to seriously discredit her. But once Freddie's in the ground that threat should have gone away, and since Alana openly despises Will it shouldn't bother her that now he's saying he looks down on her for dating Hannibal. (Lol though, I think it's a really bad thing for you to be dating a serial killer, Will! Stay away from my man!) It shouldn't bother her, but somehow it does, because she's starting to realize that Hannibloom aren't looking as picture perfect as she thought, and if getting rid of Freddie didn't neutralize that problem, maybe getting rid of Will won't work either?
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And Mason, I continue to be kind of bored by Mason. I guess it's good to have some new people in the cast to ease the insularity but... I just never was interested by him in the books, I still feel like he's an annoyance the story could have done without.
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also, all that shit about how he was really "remorseful" and how he really cared about Abigail deep down.

No he didn't!

and "remorse" is supposed to go beyond a flicker of indicating that maybe you feel a bit bad, if you're not lying that is. any psychopath can have a flicker of feeling a bit bad about something they've done - what matters is that nothing ever changes. like it doesn't with Hannibal.

and of course it's hard to portray a ruthlessly sadistic character who uses others as disposable pawns without, y'know, portraying them that way. I mean, he literally stuffs people in the fridge. i think it's Hannibal we should be mad at, though, not at the writers who wrote him as he is.
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Rewatching the scene again just now and thinking about it more, I actually don't think Will's mirroring anyone or, in fact, really putting on much of a show at all beyond not admitting what he's up to and trying to force Alana away before deciding to give her the gun. He's still messed up/reeling from the dream he just woke up from and also what he's doing is taking an incredible toll (see content of said dream, which we are shown). He doesn't hide the strain he's under for once.
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Yeah, could be.

Life's tough when you're having dubious Hannigram fanfic dreams that make you question your sexuality and then you get rudely awakened by the cannibal's girlfriend coming over to go "whya lookin at my man, whya even lookin at my man".

The whole thing is so sick and hilarious. This is hands-down the funniest show I've watched in a long time.
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