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1:41 - Safe-deposit box - Once a Marine - Potentially, far worse! - 40 Long - Let's have a catch - Hallocinogens! - Stephanie and Rick - Never forget a face - About to get weirder - 1,1,2,3 - Recruits - One last item - Walking ghosts - Don't even go there
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Our buddy Mitchell is up to his old old games again. Would anyone care to guess how many laws Mitch broke in this episode?
So I'm not clear on why leaving that magnet harpoon would be such a bad thing as opposed to any other scenario that amounts to being late getting out of there. I would also like to again point out how shitty those ZFT employment plans are. I mean, come on Mitch! You don't have an extra minute or two to use that secondary charge? Asshole.

If I ever have to say the sentence "no need to call the police", then I'm pretty sure the police will be called.

One thing we should all understand from this episode is that they didn't so much assemble a spatial-time travel device, but rather put together a device that creates ginormous lens flares.

Quote for this ep:
Walter "Would you care to watch?"
Astrid "Nope."
Walter "Okay."
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It seems like the bad part would be leaving anything in the wall -- but they should have figured out that leaving people in it would be worse than a magnet harpoon.
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OK: I've been in a muddy field in Suffolk for five days and haven't had the internet for the first time since like 1996, so I'm ultra pumped for this one: SAFE.

Again, Mitchell Loeb's resemblance to former Canterbury rugby captain Todd Blackadder is freaking me the hell out.

Was Joshua Jackson ever considered for the lead role in the live-action Paddington Bear? He just needs a satchel.

Shared consciousness. Back in 2004, when BAKERSFIELD! and I had an Alias fan site, we came up with this plot where Sydney has to go into Will's memories and retrieve a blueberry pancake recipe for Sloane as part of an SD6 conspiracy, something to do with instructions written on the wing of a K Directorate paper airplane intercepted over the Himalayas. Anyway, I can't remember quite why it was hilariously funny, but it was, and we never quite got around to uploading the HTML file to the website but ... JJ TOTALLY STOLE OUR IDEA HERE. Boo!!!

Wow! This bank has walls! Multiple walls! Don't mess with this bank, man. This bank's good.

Mitchell Loeb. I mean, I know some states in the US are "fire at will" states, but Mitchell seems to function in a "randomly shoot employees" legislative environment. Theory: he's from Wisconsin.

Finally, my takeaway from the episode. I like Peter's top.
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Joshua Jackson ...Paddington bear... satchel...

So we open with Kraftwerk breaking into a bank, which for them is a pretty reasonable live performance actually. The bank has walls, multiple walls, which we are to understand makes it impenetrable. Meanwhile Jared Harris joins the Slip, Slop, Slap Campaign and Nina is in London for no apparent reason. The glyphs this week spell Trader Joe's.

10:00ish This actor who plays the lawyer is great. He really conveys how much Jones makes his skin crawl.

12:00ish Olivia surfed together with Raoul. Charlie don't surf but Marines do.

Can only put that down to American accent malfunction.

21:00ish Latitude and longitude lines all over the map - whoa what kind of freaky map is that?

25:00ish Nice lead in to vital clue with Olivia and Peter bonding over card tricks, and Olivia incidentally mentioning her photographic memory.

19:00ish Good summary of information privacy rights here. Approve.

42:00ish So who thinks Walter is misremembering what happened and who thinks he is outright lying? Is he hiding the real story of Peter's illness in a tale of time travel or is he still struggling to recover?
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