Robin Williams Movie Club
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To discuss the organization of the films of the Robin Williams Movie Club.

The original thread for the Club, found here is where this started. This thread is for any further discussion, and has been created so that it can be linked to the new FanFare Club system.
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We have six films left in the club:

Bicentennial Man Saturday, June 6 - nubs
Death to Smoochy Saturday, June 20 - miss-lapin
Insomnia Friday, July 3
Boulevard Saturday, July 18
Man of the Year Saturday, August 1
World's Greatest Dad Saturday, August 15

The last four don't have any volunteers to create the initial post. If you'd like to take one, let me know either in thread or via MeMail.
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I've gone back to backtag all the previous films and I think I have them all; if I've missed anything please let me know or add the tag yourself!
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And if you'd like to keep a closer eye on these posts you can go to the Robin Williams Club page and click Join at the top. That way new posts in this club will show up for you in My FanFare. There are more details about this new club system in MetaTalk: FanFare Clubs and event calendar.
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I'll take man of the year.
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Thanks miss-lapin!
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Ok, we're down to two!

Man of the Year - Saturday August 1 - miss_lapin
World's Greatest Dad - Saturday August 15

If anyone wants the honour of taking the last scheduled film for the club, let me know.
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World's Greatest Dad is now up. That brings this Club to an end, as far as the schedule that was set out goes.

The Robin Williams Movie Club began to organize on August 17, 2014 under the guidance and wonderful work of joseph conrad is fully awesome. The first film posted was "One Hour Photo" on the 21st of August 2014, and now - August 15, 2015 - we've reached the end of the list of films.

In total, 29 films were posted, ranging from Robin's early work to his final film appearance in Boulevard. Posters of films included: joseph conrad is fully awesome; scody; wabbitwax; miss-lapin; We had a deal, Kyle; leesh; rue72; Athanassiel; and myself. I took over the organizing in late March of this year, and it's been a lot of fun to view and read about the various films as we've gone through them. About the only change I made was to remove two of the "Night at the Smithsonian" films from the schedule, replacing them with Boulevard and Man of the Year. In part that was because I wanted to include Robin's final film in the Club - though I'm not sure anyone has seen it - and in part because I learned, in doing "Hamlet", that films where Robin doesn't have a leading presence are less interesting to do as part of a viewing Club on his work.

I found making today's post rather bittersweet; World's Greatest Dad is not a film I enjoy because the subject of suicide is a difficult one for me, and although it is a good performance from Robin, the fact that I can't help but see some strong parallels between the film and Robin's death last year makes it a very, very hard film for me to find enjoyment in.

Thanks to everyone who spent some time putting together a post, commenting, or otherwise participating with this series. By no means did this Club view all of Robin's work; just a selection. If anyone does a film that involves Robin that was not covered, adding the robinwilliamsmovie_club tag would be appreciated. And if someone wants to organize viewing and discussing any of Robin's films - either those already posted or anything else - please feel free.

I leave you with Robin Williams, Inside the Actor's Studio from 2001.
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