Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Homecoming
May 27, 2015 12:57 PM - Season 3, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Buffy decides to run for homecoming queen causing conflict with Cordelia. Time for a good clean fight for high school dominance? Mr Trick has other ideas.

I'm posting this for yellowbinder a little early so I don't have to do this while getting ready for work! Keeping with tradition, I'll let my thoughts exist below the line.
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We finally get to see the Mayor!
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I love Cordelia intimidating Gorch with nothing but a few well-chosen words and the force of her personality.

On a completely shallow note, Willow's dress that kicks off the fluking does absolutely nothing for me. Like I feel like even some of her horrendous sweaters were more flattering.
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So I can't decide how much I like this episode. The conflict between Buffy and Cordelia, which is central to the episode, seems a bit artificial. Previous to this episode they had really only coexisted: they were much closer to conflict in Season 1. However, the idea of Buffy trying to capture normality is a perfectly good one, and the episode itself is a lot of fun. It is yet another "a team of really quite incompetent assassins are trying to hunt down Buffy", but this time there's some variety and fun to it, and they don't outstay their welcome. The added benefit of having Cordelia there to react and for Buffy to save is a lot of fun, and her speech to the Gorch brother (who thankfully will never appear again) is great.

We also see the last of Scott here. His break up comes as a bit of a surprise to Buffy, but I really can't blame him as she hasn't really shown herself to be good girlfriend material. Also last week his only friend at school had his neck snapped in an unexplained incident for which Buffy was present, which isn't mentioned but would certainly shake me up. His last moment on the show is being humiliated by Faith, who at this point is fairly loyal to Buffy. This, unfortunately, won't last.

-I like the "Slayerfest" idea, and the fact that Mr Trick bothered to create a logo for it.
-I like how the Mayor's little ticks are quickly established, even if at this point it's not clear what his deal is
-Willow has a changing screen in her room. Whyyyy?
-Xander and Willow share a kiss. Oh oh!
-Cordelia's weaknesses include "bad at sport", "brie" and "Xander"
-"As Willow goes, so goes my nation"
-I think Buffy actually did split the vote, hence the other two winning (and a great gag ending which fooled my parents)
-"We have to find Buffy, something terrible has happened! Just kidding!" Giles is very funny at the party with the miserable duo.
-Cordelia actually does try the spatula!
-"Cordelia, the gun!" Misfire "Cordelia, the spatula!"
-Buffy stakes a vamp with what is clearly a plastic spatula, so shouldn't it not die?
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This is an awesome Cordelia episode.
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Cordelia and the spatula is truly one of S3's finest moments. As is the chicken lamp on the table where she finds the spatula.

I think Willow is hot in her dress. She also looks about 6 inches taller. Although the fluke is sadly a sign of things to come which I'm not looking forward to.

Giles: I think these finger sandwiches have actual fingers in them.

Joyce is conspicuously absent from this one, and Angel is limited to some pained looks while Buffy prattles on about how wonderful her life and boyfriend are. Fortunately Cordelia and the spatula totally make up for that.
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I enjoy this episode, with its parallel competitions of occasionally equal brutality. Cordelia really does get to shine in this one.

My friends and I definitely had a "Slayerfest '99," but that involved a bunch of 15-year-old girls watching a lot of Buffy, rather than attempted murder.
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Also, Faith's embarrassment of Scott Hope makes me extra sad that she and Buffy became enemies rather than good friends. It was a nice (and very in-character) moment of solidarity.
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