Adventure Time: Be Sweet
June 3, 2015 12:47 AM - Season 6, Episode 39 - Subscribe

Lumpy Space Princess babysits Sweet P.

Tree Trunks and Mr.Pig entrust their child to the most irresponsible princess in Ooo, LSP potentially learns how awful she is.

Day 2 in the week long daily adventure time! With two new episodes airing on Friday!
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Adventure Time does a great job of just adding a dash of LSP to the series.

In this episode LSP could practically function as an Achewood character dealing with their own feelings of depression and inadequacy.
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I love that Marcy subverts the elegant vampire lady cliche by just being gross as hell (maybe that's what she and LSP have in common). That said, I never expected to see her digging maggots out of her navel.
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Starchy update: Starchy (or possibly a clone) is in the audience of the movie that Sweet Pea visits.
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The racoon wasn't wrong, LSP is a garbage person though.
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