Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, continued
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Is anyone interested in starting the Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries re-watch up again? Maybe one a week, so we get the rest of S1 and all of S2 up before whenever S3 gets added to Netflix streaming? (previously)
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I'd be up for it!
posted by drezdn at 4:50 PM on June 7, 2015

Sorry I bailed out-- grad school started again and everything on my plate that was not grad school was promptly pushed onto a "do it later" garbage heap that I then set on fire.

And I'd be totally down!
posted by WidgetAlley at 8:09 PM on June 7, 2015

My household was/is going through the episodes very slowly and lazily and I don't think we were ever on track with the posts here, but we'd definitely be in for catching up!
posted by doctornecessiter at 6:50 AM on June 8, 2015

Ok - I think I could do a post every Tuesday.
posted by oh yeah! at 11:33 AM on June 8, 2015

I would love it.
posted by Seamus at 2:41 PM on June 8, 2015

I'm up for it as well!
posted by yasaman at 3:06 PM on June 8, 2015

Hey - just noticed tonight that Netflix has added Season 3 of Miss Fisher to streaming, I didn't catch up fast enough. I've still got 5 episodes left of S2 to post, so, I'll do one or two a night to get them up before the weekend.

I don't know what kind of schedule people will want S3 posts to go up under though, since I imagine there will be some binge-watching going on.
posted by oh yeah! at 6:42 PM on September 15, 2015

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