Grace and Frankie: The Invitation
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Grace's invitation to the ex-husbands' wedding arrives, but where's Frankie's? Frankie is too occupied with thinking about Sol and their relationship to show up for her scheduled dates with Jonah. Grace decides to announce to Robert that she's dating Guy. After finding out about the existence of yam lube, Brianna ends up pimping it as a possible product to sell at work.

Grace gets her wedding invitation for Robert and Sol's wedding. Frankie asks Grace to pull her finger and Grace is all "no, not fooling me again!", but Frankie just needs her to pull her wedding ring off. Frankie is suspicious about why hers hasn't shown up. Grace is all, of course you're invited, Sol will probably ask for you to do an interpretive dance at the wedding. (Meanwhile, the first RSVP has shown up, and it's Frankie's cousin. Huh?)

Brianna has left Spit with Frankie for a few hours (he ate a bunch of stuff, including his own vomit), and when she returns, she comes in on Frankie making more yam lube. After she hears this, Brianna is all, "Mom, Frankie verbally molested me." Grace plugs the yam lube as a possible beauty product that Brianna should know about, using the infamous words, "I'm talking farm to vagina." I guess it worked for Grace. Brianna is all "We're never coming back here," but somehow leaves with yam lube in her purse?

Grace is going golfing with Guy. She claims to love hoagies and golf (she does not). She is planning to have Robert come over later to pick up her event planning book, also so he can find out about Guy.

Guy thinks Grace is helping to plan the wedding and thinks it's admirable. Grace claims to be happy for them. Oh, hey, Robert, look who I've got here! Robert is all "Ohhhhhhhhhhh." Grace claims it's been "Magical, life affirming, transformative," and announced that she'll be bringing Guy as her date. I should note that Robert seems to be acting a little weird around Guy, and my mom watching with me started wondering if Guy is gay (or bi, I say) as well. Anyway, something's going on there.

Frankie drops in on Sol (note that their colors in their outfits totally match), bringing food and telling him he needs to get his flu shot and this is the last time she's reminding him because they need to set boundaries. Like no more surprise drop in visits, this is the last one! Also, why isn't she invited to the wedding? Of course you're invited. So where's the invite? On its way. Frankie is so preoccupied with this that she forgot a date with Jonah. She texts him that something came up with her ex (Sol does not like being called her ex, incidentally), and they reschedule. "I should have written great with an 8," Frankie muses.

Grace is not enjoying golf--Guy is a manic cart driver and ran over a squirrel. She is even more displeased to find out that Robert has come along as well. She chews him out as Guy is putting. As Guy hugs Robert, he quotes Rumi and we find out Guy will officiate at the wedding. There is definitely some kind of hormones thing going on here, at least on Robert's part. I posit that Guy was Robert's first gay crush.

Sol asks Robert where Frankie's invitation is, suspecting that he didn't send it. (And Robert is essentially all, You think I'm dumb enough to do that and think y'all wouldn't figure it out?) They argue about the post office--they apparently argue about post office politics a lot?! Robert is annoyed at all the hippie crap Sol wants in the wedding, presumably to please Frankie (Oh, Robert, you've known Sol for 20 years, you should know by now Sol is also a hippie. Though I do agree that it's weird to invite Frankie's cousin--for his dance moves or something.). Sol figures out that Robert must feel guilty about something.

Frankie rags on Grace to be honest with Guy, since Grace has been saying she likes everything (shades of her blind date) so that Guy won't dump her. When Guy is over, Frankie makes "ding" noises in the back as Grace talks to him. (Is she going to keep doing that? Yes.) Anyway, Grace admits to not liking hoagies, golf, swimming, etc. Guy seems to take it well enough.

Sol comes over to Frankie's studio (hey, no surprise drop-ins!) with a new invitation...and then they find the original invitation in her mess of paint splatter on a desk. OOPS. So what will Frankie do about the wedding? Does she want to go or just feel obligated to? Why don't you check in with your subconscious, Joanne? Yes, her subconscious has a name. His also has one, Armando. Frankie says she doesn't want to go, it'll be too painful. Sol sadly says that makes sense. Frankie says they need to start doing divorce things like signing papers and moving out of their house. Then Frankie realizes she forgot her date, again.

Frankie runs to the date, and Jonah has been given free cheesecake by the waiter for being stood up twice. Essentially he says "give me a call when you've worked out your issues," and clearly Frankie is still having them with Sol, or Joanne, or both.

Grace goes over to Robert's and tells him Guy will NOT officate the wedding. Robert is all who cares, everyone's mad at each other and nothing's right and "this wedding is nothing but a pain in the ass." But he wants a big wedding after all that secrecy. Both Grace and Robert are rather enjoying being very honest right now (Ask Culture!).

Sol later comes in and shows Robert the painted invitation. "What did she do to it?" "Collage." They make up again, and discuss reading "Young Bride" in the bathroom.

Grace tries reading poetry and figures out that she hates it and would rather read her divorce papers. Frankie admits that she's signed hers.

We find out during Brianna's business meeting that nobody likes her, really, and they think she can't come up with new products because she hates ideas like "Lotion socks." Shall we get your mom on speakerphone? So Brianna plugs the yam lube, and all of her vagina talk freaks the gay guys out. Brianna decides they will have an informal focus group and try out the lube. But with who?! Also, don't forget it's edible.

Brianna ends up trying it out with Barry the accountant at work. ("You're funny for an accountant." "The bar is pretty low." My mom works for accountants and I concur.) He liked that she told everyone to go home and use lube. At the next meeting, everyone wants to know who she tried it with, but somehow the gay guys do not figure it out when Barry walks into the room.
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I think it's interesting how Grace's previous date was copycatting her and now she's copycatting Guy.
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but somehow the gay guys do not figure it out when Barry walks into the room.

The smirks, the timing, the looks - are people really that oblivious?

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