Arrested Development: Storming the Castle   Rewatch 
July 18, 2014 10:50 AM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Michael decides to expose Marta to Gob's womanizing by having her participate in a magic trick that involves one of Gob's many girlfriends.

Lucille looks to George Sr. for support in breaking up Buster and Lucille 2, but George, having recently found religion, gives his blessing. Maeby wears leather to antagonize her mother, Tobias to impress his daughter, and George Michael in case he needs to go into a controlled slide on his hog later.
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"Hello, I'm looking for the magic."

Hope I am not stepping on any toes continuing to post these. I know it's slowed down a little but maybe that's the summer weather? The heat this week has certainly sapped my energy to do anything. I know there's a fancy new FF talk section (hooray) but I didn't want to open a thread just to say this.
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I'm glad you (and others) keep posting these because it gives me the reminder and excuse to go watch the next episode.

I really enjoyed this episode (or maybe I'm just in a good mood). Some highlights:
* The narrator throughout the whole episode is very careful about enunciating the word "castle".
* Lucille is great in the scene when Michael is at her apartment. "It's a good thing he's already got that little scooter."
* Tobias the leather daddy, still wearing the cut-offs under the ass-less pants.
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I'm happy anytime we get to see a bit of G.O.B.'s act. This isn't Sword of Destiny level material, but still. I also really enjoyed the father/son stuff, where George Michael calls Michael on his BS. He apparently embodies the attributes Michael is so proud of having, referring to himself, in one of his most cringeworthy lines so far, as a "living saint." Michael Cera's comedic timing is on point in everything he does. It's easy to take for granted after years of what some might call his overexposure (not me, I can't get enough) but jeez, he's so young and so, so good.
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So many great lines:

Tobias: Great news: I got my hands on some money! I can’t say how ... or when ... or where my wedding ring is ...

Michael: You know, I’m a saint, I’m a living saint, and I get absolutely nothing out of it.
Lindsay: You get a false feeling of superiority.

GOB: I got you something, for being such a good brother ...
Michael: My watch!
GOB: I wanted you to have it.

Marta: I can't believe the legs would screw him like this!

Michael: I mean, we can’t really change who we are anyway, right?
GM: I wish you’d told me that before I threw away my windbreaker.

The first use of GOB's theme song, "The Final Countdown" by Europe. It's fun to watch how the different family members react to GOB's act — Lucille Bluth is rolling her eyes, while Buster is totally into it (hinting at the later episode where he takes over GOB's act).

An example of why the show was a disappointment when it originally aired, when DVR was less widespread and the Nielsen Ratings only considered the number of people watching live: The first time I saw this episode, I completely missed that George Michael was playing the legs at the end. I know — they clearly explain it to the audience by having GOB tell the Magician's Guild: "That was just my girlfriend and my nephew." But there's so much going on in each episode, and I didn't recognize George Michael's voice overdubbed while he was in the box. I might have been quickly getting something from the fridge and missed it. Most sitcoms are paced more slowly so the jokes will still land even if the audience's attention is drifting in and out — even a show as smart as Seinfeld hits the audience over the head with the main plot points.
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Oh man, Gob's magic posturing and that song The Final Countdown get me every time. It's true of every character and their role in this, but Will Arnett does such a great job as Gob. And agreed on Michael Cera's talent--and he looks so young in this first season!

"So I don't have any hair on my arms and legs. So what. It's not like a leather jacket is going to change that."
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And yeah, no worries about posting. I like watching three episodes a week, but I almost wish we could discuss three in one post instead of spreading it out.
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If there were an informal way to do multiple episodes within the current framework and without antagonizing the powers that be, I'd be game to try. The simplest way would seem to be a single person making a post covering three episodes, followed a placeholder every 24 hours as per the posting limit. I'm not sure if such bending of the rules would be frowned upon. Also it kinda sounds like a lot of work.
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